How hard to mod?

Ok, so I just purchased a 360 TE Round 2. I want to add PS3, Dreamcast, and Gamecube/Wii to it. So this means I need the MC Cthulu. I have never done anything electronics wise other than putting 2 computers together from scratch. Never touched a soldering gun in my life. I’ve read some of the tutorials on here, and it’s not exactly English yet. I’m 24, can read directions, and not retarded. I just want to know, is this something I could do if i take my time and read carefully, or is this like someone who’s never worked on a car before trying to replace a transmission, and should be avoided by at all costs. I’d like to save 60 bucks, as I am far from rich and I just spent a lot buying the stick, and about to purchase the MC Cthulu. But at the same time, I don’t wanna fuck it up. If it’s just way too high end skill required, I will have someone else do it. Any opinions? Thanks!

From what I gathered, it’s rather expensive to helm this project if you have none of the tools. Since if you want to swap system to system you’ll need the MC cthulhu, extension cables for each system. You’ll need to drill away, dremel things, and I believe solder some things. When I tossed together a supplies list following… I can’t remember his name, bomberman maybe … that tutorial he wrote, I came out to about 350 dollars for everything (including the TE stick (which was on sale at the time for 100)). Without the tools, the cost is lowered drastically, as those are the most expensive.

I instead opted to just buy a PS2 Arcana heart stick (which I’m swapping for a seimitsu stick and possibly buttons soon) and just get ps2 to usb, gc, and dc adapters.

That’s very ambitious for a first mod as you’ll need to put in both a MC Cthulhu and an Dreamcast PCB.

I’m not saying you won’t be able to do it as there’s plenty of straightforward guides floating around online, but it’s advised to start off with something simpler first.

Perhaps you could just focus on getting the MC Cthulhu wired up first, and then once happy with that, work yourself up from there. An IMP board is also recommended as it will mean less cables coming out of your stick, but it’s up to you.

Try and get some soldering practice in beforehand as well by using a scrap PCB, like from a broken radio or something.

If you have no experience and no tools, I’m sure most of us would recommend not doing the mod, as stated it is an advanced mod.
You can fuck your stick up to the point where you’re going to have to buy a new stick, as well as fuck it up so that it actually damages your console when you plug it in.

The cthulu board is 34.95$ from lizardlick before shipping, the IMP board is $9.95, and that doesn’t include wire/solder/a soldering iron, a dremel, the extra cables/controllers for the other consoles, a multimeter,and a wire stripper (the bare minumum for this project)

If you want it done well, you also should look into the rj-45 mod, or any other detachable cable mod, meaning you need a rj45 jack, punchdown tool, cat5 cable, a cat5 crimper, cat5 cable ends

Just saying… Where do you live?

EDIT that’s what I get for typing so slow.
AND I missed that you want Dreamcast too?

Add a dreamcast pad (preferably NOT a official one that has trigger lag), and an exacto knife, and flux. Pad hacks are tricky and annoying to solder if you’re new to soldering.

If he can find himself a DC Stick PCB then it’ll help… but still, it’s quite an advanced mod to complete.

I had never really soldered anything big before dual modding my first 360 TE. That being said, I’m a surgeon when it comes to electronics and I have soldered repairs on many very tiny components. I really wouldn’t have recommended jumping into this head first but hey, you’re already off the ground. All I can really say is, good luck, be careful, and prepare for tons of added costs.

I think your analogy of a trying to replace a transmission is kind of spot on, only difference is failure costs less then fucking up a car. It is recomended you first know how to padhack for a single system first. Then figure out how to do a dual mod. Then if you can do those, you can move on to the triple modding and installing an imp/switch.

In the end I see it maybe costing just as much buying random electronics supplies than buying 3 sticks. Or you could pay somebody.

I would also recommend a DB-25 project box mod.