How hard would it be to add a LED light to bubbletop on SE stick

How hard would it be? I know I’d have to order the hollow stick from lizardlick, but what else would I need?I’m not too familiar with modding anything electronic so I’d need a good tutorial or description, but I really want to add a light to my stick.

Also, as a side question, how hard is it to turn a Sixaxis into an arcade stick. I have an extra one laying around, and I’ve been itching to make a stick from scratch.

I am assume the power source will be from the Mad Catz SE PCB, which is +5V.

You will need an LED of your choice.

And also a Resistor.
Resistor rating depends on the LED and the power source.

Use this to know.
LED calculator for single LEDs

Just connect VCC to Anode of LED.
Just connect Ground to Cathode of LED.

This simple circuit will make LED always on when PCB has power.
I don’t know what you want to do, so not typing anything else.


All I want is for it to come one when the stick is on. Thanks!