How has the 3S scene evolved in the past few years?

I’ve been playing Third Strike for a good three or four years now. I still consider myself a “casual” player, I’ve only competed a few times, but it doesn’t feel like much has happened in the community between the time I started playing and now. It hasn’t grown much since the initial boom after the Anniversary Collection, and the game itself is still played the same. It feels like there’s nothing left to discover. This doesn’t exactly take away from the experience or anything, but I’m wondering what you guys think.


In a way you’re absolutely right. With 3 years around my belt about now; It still feels like the same game as it always was. However, there are so many different ways to play the game that its depth stays a staple of the game. Like u can be super rushdown player like Pinoab7, or cold and calculating like Sugiyama. Also, the low-tier characters in the game are for the most part, very playable. Out of the whole roster, there’s only two highly unplayable characters: Sean and Twelve and you can still wreck scrubs with either of them. The animation, the competitiveness, the mind games and tech throws and all of that, just make the game so deep and diverse. Thats why it’s still good after all this time.

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The gameplay itself hasn’t evolved a whole lot, but the scene has grown pretty nicely in most places.

i became a 3s mod thats all that matters

I guess that’s what I’m asking. I’ve observed, but haven’t really been “directly involved,” so I’m wondering what has happened.

I’ve won too many tournaments and now everyone’s bored.

Well, I’ve only been heavily involved in the scene for about a year and a half, but there seem to be more events this year than last year with more people interested in them.

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no really.

I agree that there probably is very little to be discovered about the game that hasn’t been discovered at some point by someone. However, there is a lot more to be learnt by myself and I’m sure you as well. Just because the game hasn’t changed a lot in the way it’s been played, it’s not like all competitive players don’t have anything left to learn. I realise this isn’t what you were asking, but I thought I’d say it because I think some people fool themselves into thinking the game has become boring. It’s still the same game, only those ppl got bored of playing it. Again, no revelations there, but I still see things that are new to me every now and then, which is why I’m not bored of playing against others. I am, however, very bored of playing around in training mode -_-

Yeah…you can only discover new stuff in a fighting game for so long. People dont realize that 3S has been out for 8 FREAKING years. It’s just US never really caught on to it until like 4 years after. We had people playing it back in 99/2000 but generally the fighting game scene was more concentrated on other games. I guess some games you just play because they work.

i’m done with 3s i just played long enough to become a mod i havn’t played in like 3 months i’m gonna get out of pools at evo on mod status alone

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Fighting game scene in general is stagnant.

How can you say that? I see many new people every tournament.

Take a second and think about it.

Take a second and explain it. Thats an incredibly broad statement. From a growth standpoint the scene is doing fairly well.

Maybe where you live but where I’m at we have monthly tourneys for a bunch of fighting games and Evo has been keeping the 2d fighting game scene alive for years to come. The scene hasn’t necessarily grown like the FPS scene in the US but it’s definitely not stagnant.

nah its pretty stagant