How has the internet spoiled you?


Some of us grew up without internet being as widespread as it is today. There were things that were difficult to come by that just aren’t any more. The most obvious is porn. Porn scenes used to be hard to come by on the internet. Now you can find and download one like nothing.

I’m not trying to narrow things down to porn, but everyone has something else personal with that general trend. There was something you liked, but it was hard to engage in/find information on before the internet we know today. Then the internet made access to that thing so easy, you’ll turn your nose up at anything below a certain bar. This can be a hobby, an item you buy a lot, or just a general activity.

Here are some of mine:

-Music videos: I like music videos. Remember those old days when you actually had to wait to catch one on TV? Fuck those days.

-Drawing: I’m not a good artist, but I like drawing off and on. When I first got into it, I had to pay for books on it if I wanted any real guidance. There was next to nothing on the internet. Now, every time I’m interested again, I’m amazed by the sheer depth of educational content available. Video tutorials and internet articles just blew up. It’s now to the point that if you don’t draw in a way that blows my mind, I don’t even care about your tutorial. I was thirstier than the Sandman before.

What about you guys?

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I pretty much sit on my ass all day when I’m at home, thanks to the wonderful Internet.


-Porn: An overabundance of it. Even though I have some on my hard drive, I still get upset if I don’t have access to the internet for new videos… like I gotta watch something I’ve seen already. I get that feeling of “ugh”… but the reason I saved the scene in the first place is because I fucking liked it that much. So why is that even a problem right? I’m just too spoiled by being able to see something new and different every time I’m online I guess.

-Finding things from my childhood pretty much whenever I’m thinking about it.

-Ordering stuff that’s hard to find. That or finding a better deal for it than the local stores would have.

-Sources of information whenever I’m trying to learn something (usually coding/game programming related). This is a big one for me. It’s frustrating to work through shit when I don’t understand it, but scouring online will eventually get me to the perfect example that will help me get the material way quicker than staring at documentation from some shitty textbook over and over with glazed eyes. That or being able to ask multiple experienced people who are willing to help about it means I’m stuck a lot less than I would’ve been without access to information this easily.


I’m pretty sure I’d have a shit job in service, living in a 1-room gutter, if I didn’t grab every online resource that helped me pass the certifications I needed to qualify for my current line of work.

I’m not a fluent Japanese speaker, but my reading is pretty good thanks to learning a lot more online than any class or library book (that I’ve been exposed to) offered me. I don’t have to wait for localized games that will never happen.

And I’m so jaded at how easy it is to make digital art look ridiculously clean and detailed. It’s really just about having a good eye for design and art, because tutorials and Photoshop etc. make it so easy to fudge the rest.

Internet, and especially internet on a phone, is shit and fantastic at the same time, and probably saved my life or made it less shitty.




Anime, manga and porn, all for free, no waiting. If I could download drugs I would never leave my keyboard.


-Finding esoteric and nostalgic things is now a breeze; it seems everyone catalogs random stuff nowadays.

-Being able to watch shows before they even premiere thanks to leaks.

-Information and news without the smokescreen and bias.


Never having to pay for comics again.



I dont know how Id have survived without the net. I only had 2 “not online” jobs in my life. everything has been online since then.

then you got all the usual stuff. google comes to mind. I feel the need to google EVERYTHING. usually find whatever I am for too :coffee:

...13 years on SRK

Boobies… any size, shape, or color I want. Anytime, all the time. Also, ass.

But, really, It gives me access to a pool of knowledge that is pretty much infinite. You really can’t beat having access to a treasure trove of information on any subject you can imagine, all at the blink of an eye.


Yes indeed.

People don’t actually think as much with the internet. I don’t know how to explain.


It used to take around an hour to download a 30 second WAV of a song I liked on AOL. Now, it takes a minute or less to download a full song. I’m even happy to pay for them.

The internet is so God damn fast now. I remember those 14.4k days. The fact that I can go online on my phone and do everything so much more quickly is something I never take for granted, somehow.


agreed, most of us can’t even come up with complete social criticisms anymore!


Google. I Google everything I don’t know


+Wealth of information: whenever I desire, I can just google something, and find out exactly what it is. In a way, I have developed a tendency to research before pondering something.


Porn, music, and how to’s
But it’s a gift and a curse. I have cared less to talk to women than before, a lot of people have shitty taste in music as I don’t ever relate to conversations about music, and I sometimes end up breaking more shit than making it work.


I can stream any game or sporting event I want (almost always in HD), regardless of whether I’m subscribed to the channel at home or not. That’s huuuge.

Also, anime. I still remember when I used to get a few episodes of a series on a single DVD for 20 bucks. I’m so happy those days are over.


You forgot XBL (XBOX LIVE) with CVS2 and HSF2 10 years ago!!! Who can forget people like Jason Blackman, yyy, Beef Bowl, Johnny Justice, Original Don, etc.

Scroll to the middle, there’s a thread called “SNAAAKE vs yyy” with me posting the last post back in '06 lol


A savalas post/flame ware:


How has the internet not spoiled me?


porn and free movies/tv

mostly porn

in fact probably 99.9999999999% porn