How has your MvC3 "wish list" turned out so far?


So, I’m sure we all had our own character “wish lists” over the past 10 years regarding which characters we’d like to see in MvC3. I’m curious to know what your guys’ were, and how did they turn out?

And now that we know most of the roster, who is on your DLC wish list now?

Here was my wish list (I actually wrote it down when the game was first announced). Characters who didn’t make it so far are bolded:

Capcom: Dante, Wesker, Arthur, Zero, Viewtiful Joe, Gene, the Bionic Commando, Amaterasu, and Phoenix Wright.

Marvel: Deadpool, Apocalypse, Ms. Marvel, Green Goblin, Phoenix (Jean Grey), Thor

As you can see, the majority of my picks on the Capcom side made it in, and 2-3 made it in from the Marvel side (depending on if the leaked list with Phoenix on it is real).

As for DLC, the only character I REALLY want now is Gene from God Hand (I just started playing God Hand for the first last week and he would be PERFECT in MvC3). Though I still kinda want to see MvC’s take on a playable Apocalypse, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if he never makes it in. And I couldn’t care less if Phoenix Wright makes it in or not now.


yo real talk can we get these unityFAQ threads off of here


This would be a better fit in the suggestion/wishlist sticky.

At any rate, all I wanted out of this game when it was announced was a Deadpool + Dan Hibiki tag team. Oh well.


Well my wishlist was “3 people that let me win the most” so I guess theoretically my wishlist came true?


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