How has your regular life activity helped you play Street Fighter 4?

Other then just playing the game. I guess there is 2 things I do that helps me the most. Playing Guitar in Rock Band, and playing Guitar in real life. Rock Band helps me with improving reflexes visually and auditory. Real Life Guitar helps me with finger dexterity.

PS: Just before somebody mention that they play piano in real life, I call shotgun on all the “Piano” Input jokes

I play street fighter in my regular life

playing street fighter has definitely improved my street fighter

How well-rested I am has a huge impact on how well I play. After about midnight I just can’t function anymore in any fighting game, unless I took a nap earlier.

On the flipside I can also safely say that playing street fighter hasn’t helped me with anything else. total waste of time.

Well, back when I was younger, me and my buddy Ken used to train under this guy named Gouken.

He was pretty good at Street Fighter.

oh golly gosh darn it, you ruined all my fun you rascal!!!

This. Then playing with people in real life.

it’s helped me stay fresh on the game instead of getting bored

Nothing in real life really “helps” me play Street Fighter. Sure, I could make a lame joke like “lol, I throw fireballs in real life” but I just play for fun. If drawing or playing basketball somehow magically improved my game, I probably wouldn’t notice. :razzy:

I never cared for DDR, I could play it, but never had the stamina to play it more than an hour at most. I play Stepmania pretty often and I feel that it has added to my sense of rhythm and reaction speed. I enjoy fencing as well, that has clearly had an effect on my reaction speed, thought process, and set-ups.

Its a shame I play like a moron.

i play poker and it helps me read my opponent better
im a hockey goalie and that helps with my reflexes

and im a pimp which helps me bitchslap newbs

Eating meat and potatos, as well as taking a shit before playing helps lots.

I tickle my balls while i play street fighter 4 because it’s the only way i can make it exciting.

I don’t know how to answer this question other than “playing other fighting games”.(ftr none of my experiences with past fighting games have helped me out at all in 4, but that’s another story)

This isn’t really like music/rhythm games like Rock Band where experience with real instruments would help you get adjusted to these games quicker. It’s like saying “I’m a spy for the government so I’m god-tier with Crimson Viper”.

But yeah, there aren’t really much things that real life activities would help you with your Street Fighter play, including 4, unless those daily activities somehow enhance your reflexes and judgment in fighting games all the time.

hasn’t at all… Work @ Dollarama, Newspaper route. Playing SF2 on my DS on my way to school totally screwed up my game more, I don’t even use any EX specials because I got used to SF2 ffs.

Taking frequent breaks from the game (not playing every day), varying on my schedule/availability has helped me grow in my SF experience. Not sure of what it is, but when I play for a long time then take a break and get back into it, I feel like I learned something new, or I have a different view of what I would like to do. This is in complete contrast to working out, which is weird. If I stay out of the gym for more than a day or two, I notice it negatively. But taking a break from SF4 never hinders my playstyle, unless I dont play for a few weeks. It actually seems to help

I train by pulling pickup trucks through the snow and chopping firewood.

Everything in my regular life that gets me bored enough to go deeper into my mind and start thinking up tricks.

Plinking all of my combos in SF4 helped me become a famous tap dancer, which is in turn jumpstarting my burgeoning professional DDR career! So my life has come full circle now: video games helped me with real life which helped me with video games.

I’ll keep you guys posted about where I’ll be playing DDR next so keep checking back! Thanks for all your support!!!

Making porno in real life helps me execute with Cammy better.

I have better footsies under the table