How healthy is the SFII Turbo community?

Specifically, how popular are quarter matches? I’d like to engage in some unranked practice matches before HD Remix comes out and quarter matches sound like a lot of fun to me.

are you talking about SF II Turbo or Super SF II Turbo?

If you’re referring to the former, I have no idea, but unlike the latter you can actually find people online playing it

I’m talking about SFII Turbo. I don’t have access to the HD Remix beta so it’s SFII Turbo for me until it comes out.

I’ve heard people complain about lag in SFII Turbo. Is it any worse than CvS2? I played on Xband so I can handle a fair bit of lag as long as it’s not too extreme.

dont even bother…no one is ever on ssf2t

THere are a few regulars on there, but yes, for the most part, you have to wait 15-30 minutes for a match (unless you know when to show up or have buddies).

I’ve switched to turbo for the time being as well, until HD Remix comes out at least. There are some good players, but a lot of people on XBox Live dont know what the hell they are doing and will call you cheap if you employ any sort of strategy. And dont even THINK about tick throwing bc everyone in the room cries fowl.

Healthy? No man, the people on there are most definitely sick. All of them. They use the most profane language and say the most vulgar things. If you’re easily offended like I am, you’re better off staying away from Xbox Live and joining a good, respectable knitting club like me. I’m happy with my choices.

Dude plenty of people play on xbox live hyper no one is playing hd remixx yet because you can only get it with the commando download which no one wants but, once its release it will be back like it was befor


There are core players that never go away, and always a few matches going in Quarters. I doubt that will change when HD Remix launches (twenty years from now). There’s usually good competition to be found, and ever since XBL began charging droppers with the loss in ranked matches, alot of the scrubs have gone splitsville.