How heavily do you rely on assists?


Just wondering, I usually run assistless (I use them in combos though) and punish my opponent’s assists on the first opportunity. I feel as if people tend to forget that an assist is an assist and not a disposable sidekick. Although I feel cheap for essentially taking out an opponents character without them even coming into the match, it’s a viable tactic.

Then again, I see why people would spam teleport + assist since it’s relatively safe. But offline at least it’s kind of see through. Online though it’s another story.


jump back call comman…wait :frowning:

assists in 3 are weird, i never got the hang of when to call them


I think the game moves so fast that at an improperly timed assist can cost you the match, and there’s no worse feeling than losing a character before they even come into play.


Depends on the player and how well you can defend your assists.

I run a Trish, Wesker, Sentinel Team and i am constantly calling Sentinel assist

Reason for that is because if they hit Sentinel then i more likely can get them and put them into a bnb.
If Sentinel drones do come out well say hello to Wesker’s command grab : D


Rarely use assists. Captain americas charging star to hyprer charging star covers ground and punishes assist.


Constantly. magneto plus drones, why wouldn’t I?


Bionic Arm, Charging Star, Chaotic Flame, just to name a few. But I envy you though, I wish I had the nerve to constantly call assists but I feel the risk is too great.


I use my assist to bait. 9/10 times i am blocking while my assist is out except if you can’t punish it.


Triple Arrows/Plasma Beam all day. and Hidden Missiles with proper coverage floods the screen with so much crap when my Strange is out.


Not using assist often is bad. You’ll never be higher level without them. Watch top competitors. They call assist VERY frequently. The difference between them and worse players though is that there assist are often protected.

Wong calls Akuma with no remorse, because that’s Akuma’s function on his team. With three people on a team, you are stupid to not use assist.


I honestly dont use them nearly enough. I am always so scared of getting bopped :frowning:


As long as you’re not mashing them out on autopilot and you know what you are doing, it’s all good. Constantly, but not predictably.


This. Except Buster+ Drones. Learn to call your assists smartly and you won’t be afraid of getting “two for one’d”


The only time you should not be calling assists or really calming down your use of them is against characters that have easy assist blow up options (Sentinel, Captain America, Ghost Rider, Hulk etc.). You have to call your assists very carefully against characters like them especially when the have meter.


Yes,I always punish assist with deadly force. Captain America = assist killer


I’m too busy getting watching a combo video / getting combo’d to death to call an assist.


Well it really depends what assist it is obviously. That’s one of the cooler things about assists in this game… being that the majority of the good ones aren’t reversal-like assists and have a lot of variety. Some more AA assists in this game would be cool though.


But the thing about assists are that some characters are built to punish them. And those characters may be on the opponent’s team. Firebrand and Spencer are two examples. Call an assist on firebrand and you’re asking for a happy birthday, same with Spencer. I can’t name how many times I’ve seen people blown up by a bionic arm, X-factor -> Bionic Arm -> Lumy Firebrand -> combo -> death. Smart players who know the start-up of the assist or are using a character with a fast wavedash can cash in on that knowledge during a match. I would really only call an assist if I know I can get away with it safely. I wouldn’t constantly throw my characters out there.


That’s why you call your assists at better times!


i used to use Tron, so I have no idea how assists work now except that they all suck compared to gustaff