How high is the control panel on most sit down cabs?

So I’m going to build a sort of table, for tabletop stick play, to fit into my setup. I want it to be at the right height so I’m playing at the same height as I would the arcades. I’ve searched around and could only find dimensions of how high/wide/deep various cabs are but not how high the panel is. Anyone with their own cab or general knowledge able to help out on this one?


Here’s the measurements for Vewlix courtesy TheRealNeoGeo

big thanks! this is exactly what I needed

he said *most *cabs not the ewlix. dimensions for astro city are W: 29.5 x D: 35.6 x H: 56.8 (inches) which is p much the standard style of *most *cabinets.

I was curious about this too. Thanks.

Well considering he asked for the height of the arm rest, and specifically NOT the full dimensions of a cab that you’ve provided…
and that he thanked me for providing ‘exactly’ what he needed…

also, I think the stools are about 17 inches high…this may sound dumb but if you’re going for authentic feel, this is important too, since you need both in conjunction to get the “correct” height…like if you were to put a tall bar stool in front of a candy cab…it would be hell to play.