How high is too high for a fever?


I had a fever of 108 last night. It’s down to 100 now, but I’ve done some reading and numerous sites say 108 and higher can cause brain damage. Uh-oh?

Edit: Yay! Now it’s 99.4! Still feel tired.


…err go see a doctor?


Somebody combined

Pac Man Fever

with Burn Baby Burn (Disco Inferno!)

sounded pretty good for what it was.


Fever’s down, I feel a WHOLE lot better, got my appetite back…I just feel slightly heavier, like gravity’s working overtime, and not quite as strong.


You only need to worry about it when the delirium kicks in tbh, then your fucked, hope you get better soon tho Rhio, stay away from jacking off and other arduous activities for a while and get well soon


Anything above 102 warrants going to a doctor.


On an unrelated note:

Does anybody use a thermometer in a place that’s not their mouth?

The other day, I went over to Jawny Dorfy - my nigga’s - house to repair the door knob in his pantry. I saw his girl shove a thermometer up his butt because he contracted the flu or something of that nature. Kind of vexes me why people put in their mouth when the thermometer could have gone under the armpit too.


how sure are you he contracted the flu? Cause you know maybe erm… yea


You’re spot on about the delirium. Only happened to me twice - not something I’d like to repeat


2 broads with them in their mouth photo, duckfacin’

comment: “Those are rectal thermometers…”

& you’re doing God’s son - jesus’ work bro. Carpentry. :tup:


What was it like?


For me, I thought I was gonna die. My arms felt like they weighed 400 lbs each.


It’s quite difficult explaining the experience without being too technical about it.

Best way to describe it is that you’re in a severe state of mental confusion, to the point that you get hallucinations. I’m not talking about trippy, acid style hallucinations wih bright colours, far from it. Instead you’re seeing and believing things that are not there, however you’re convinced they are real and you do your best to action them as per the details of the delusion.

Weirdest thing of all is that you don’t feel physical symptoms anymore, you’re in auto pilot mode until the delirium subsides and then you end up wondering what the fuck happened and why the mission was abandoned.

The frightening part is the realisation that you had no control over your thoughts, and the fact that they could result in actions that could put your health further at risk because you’re chasing illusions.


It can never be too high.
Even if it reaches levels over 9000!


uncool dude, that shit is no laughing matter especially when an SRKer is getting fucked by it


I’ll usually take my temperature rectally first, and then immediately stick it in my mouth and take it orally. That way I ensure that I get an accurate reading.


I use an infrared gun, come at me bro.


FLIR cameras or death :coffee:


The fever is biding its time.


Wait…looks at OP…did I just get trolled? Were you guys talking about yellow fever all this time?!