How I become familiar with 3s


Not-so-important (atypical) Chinese Style gossip:
So College Entrance Examination is over! Now I’m ready to write my novel and continue my A3 translation!
I’m so tired and I want to sleep… The test was so important that I have to give up playing or other habits for several months.
After the important exam, I suddenly discovered that I’m not used to reading for a long time anymore. (No! I haven’t even completed the Origin of Species yet!)
This year I start to get interested with JOJO’s Bizzare Venture ( the last CPS3 game which was based on the famous manga and now it’s having animation! Great!)
Darn CGW how can you ban Google!
End of the gossip

It has been a long time before I last visited. I’m still not so good in English and is going to read some novels to improve my reading skill. Yet one thing is for certain: now I have time to further myself on this incredible game.

There are very few Chinese players compared with foreign players. When I ask my classmates about CAPCOM, what most of them said was “what are you saying?” Even in the most CAPCOM fans in my school, few have heard of the Street Fighter series. Among those SF players, however, only one of my friends is interested in playing 3s with me.

It wasn’t until 06 before I come to realize that there was such a game whose name was Third Strike. Being described as a marvelous game on the one of the biggest game magazine in China, Third Strike succeeded in capturing my eyesight. I asked everyone where I could find this game - but nobody told me that they know where to play the game.

I have already played Z3 and ST before then. I have even read Ryu Final, a famous manga based on the Second Impact and have contributed to some ideas of the Third Strike. (Though I didn’t realized that at then) However, as a junior high school student, I was not admitted to the Arcade. Suddenly, I had the chance to enter the place which I have dreamed of. I was told that there were 3s at that Arcade. There would have been people shouting and smoking, gathering at the arcade machine, discussing who would be the next to challenge the famous player, and matches would be held in such a place - yet they were imaginations. I found nothing but two machines running without people playing them. They were playing KOF '97 and '98. How disappointed was I at that glance!

Wa-wasn’t it a famous fighting game? Wasn’t it admired as one of the best games of the SF series? Wasn’t it where Daigo defeated Justin Wong(At first I thought Daigo was using Ryu…), where RX did many combos in one match, where J defeated K.O, and where Boss, J and Hitani made Makoto a super strong character? I stood at there in total silence, hearing nothing but my despair.

After playing for a short time, I came to realize how great this game was. I was challenged by an adult in the half way and was beaten in several seconds. Coins were quickly used up until he realized that how weak I was. He stood up to see if his enemy was a newbie - and I knew who he would see was a fat little boy. He was quite surprised. Later, he told me that how to parry and how to make a super combo. I haven’t met him ever since.

It has been almost ten years since the visit. I have been to the Arcade for very few times, yet I could find myself happy each time I took a visit. I have played CVS2 and 3s for a long time there. 3s has been one of the most impressive memories in my childhood, and now it is one of my favorite games. I have met many people online who are interested with the game. We could discuss with happiness though it is not so well-known in China. Some of them are younger than me, and most of them are older than me.

I believe we love it with all our heart.


Wow, what a great read! 10 years, man. I feel like a noob.


Hey man, my friend has been in living in China since January and he has yet to find any 3s, He went to that arcade i think you recommended in another thread but apparently they no longer have 3s. Are there any more Arcades in Beijing that have 3s?


Thanks, man. But considering that I have been spending little time on game, actually I can say I have only played it for several months.
What the ten years means is that I first played it ten years before. The second visit to Liehuo Arcade, however, happened eight years ago…

Well actually I live in Shanghai… I will ask some of my friends who live in Beijing to give you an answer.
Don;t worry, your friend will have a lot of 3s players helping him!

It is said that now in Beijing only shuangjing (双井) has 33 arcade, which might be broken and is now under repair. And for most of the time people have to play 3s by PS2 in others’s home. What sad news.


Studying chinese and I’m probably going to china in about a year or two. 3s and kof98 are my favourite fighting games, so I bet that at least for the second one I’ll have the best competition in the whole world. Is Shanghai the city with the biggest arcade culture?
also lets meet up for some 3s when I finally visit shanghai!


The biggest arcade culture? Man I don’t know…
At least Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, the three biggest cities in China, have many arcades which others might not have.
I went to Liehuo recently and I am sure that there are two 3s arcade machines. Zhengyang might also have one, but I haven’t been there recently.
By the way, 你好 would be enough for greetings…


I often see people playing 3S when I go to 烈火。 There’s even quite a few good ST and KOF 95 players… Also remember some good 3S players in HK.


Where is 烈火



and some neat vid how to get there I just found


My friend says there are good players in hong kong



Yes there are.
Well I’m a Shanghai student so I’m not so familiar with them.
Maybe I should seek advice from my senior.


I have another friend who spends time in Hong Kong, he’s already made friends with the 3s players and found the arcades. It’s a pity about the Beijing scene tho Shanghai is probably too far for him just to play 3s, he mostly plays SF4 now… how sad :frowning:


im in Shanghai the next couple of days (today and tomorrow) so will try to get to this arcade. anyone please come and bring friends tonight! ive not playedfor 6 months so probably suck now but w e


*always sucked