How I feel about SF IV


Fun game…

Just feel it’s more broken then Third Strike and HD (which were pretty balanced). In fact it’s my least favorite of the three. My reasons why is because you can spam so much shit with certain characters and still unable to being punished. I feel like some characters are broken. Just I hope they remake like their previous games.

SF II World Warrior>Champion Edition>Turbo>Super>Super Turbo>HD Remix

SF III New Generations>Double Impact>Third Strike Fight for the Future


My thoughts.

I enjoy the game the more I play it, and I realize there is still a lot I have to understand about it, so I am keeping an open mind. But the game hasn’t drawn me in the way Marvel did (not even sure how that happened), and it seems to lack some of that magic that games like 3rd Strike have (maybe I just like watching it). It really feels like it is just missing something, maybe something small, that will pull me in and make me want to play it non stop.

So, I am just going to keep playing characters, and hopefully find a style the suits me, and that I can really rush down with. Also, cross-ups are gross in this game.


Ken/Chun/Yun disagree with you.


Good call as I look at your avatar lol


Actually his av is reffering to the countless scrubs that pick ken who also think that mashing on fierce dp or ex dp is the best thing to do…that and jumprh sweep is gdlik.


You know that fireball is coming once they jump back.


how about we call it like it is and have you just say " Im better at 3rd strike so i figure to hate on a game im worse at. " It really would save alot of time and future arguments. Nothing to be ashamed of as long as you dont try to deny it with baseless facts.


I didn’t want to go there, but, yeah.

You probably aren’t going to get a lot of support for a “IV is more broken/unbalanced than Third Strike” theory on SRK, either.

Since it’s, ya know, really incorrect.


Honestly guys I feel like Bushido Blade is the least broken fighting game of all time. I mean it’s so deep with all that parrying and sand throwing. You really can’t argue that it’s the by the far the most superior fighting game in existence.


Hey Riki, got a copy of Asuka 120%?


SF4 needs light dashes and sidesteps.

That being said, SF4 is way more fun, IMHO, than 3S. Sim, Sim, Shalabim!

I feel like SF4 isn’t that badly balanced. Saving attack-> dash through fireballs and stuff lets you rush toward fireballers more. I also enjoy that Dhalsim can slide under fireballs and ppp over others.

Besides, 3S didn’t have Dhalsim, which is an instant fail for any Capcom game.


Virsaga, you should move to portland so we can play 3S and you should learn CvS2.


lol curtis. i liked necro a lot and thats who i played in 3s but he really just isnt…dhalsim


I play Alpha 3 because I will never play an SF game with out the mighty bison


I’m not saying my mind is set on this opinion. This game has a lot of time to proceed before i can make a final opinion. I have fun with it just feels different. I have tried learning more tactics and tried to figure out how to get out of tight situations and just still feels awkward?

I don’t think I’m horrible at it and trust me I know there is plenty for me to learn just the majority of players I run into are so shitty and honestly get away with most of there attacks. Just trying to get use to it still? Never had this much of a problem adjusting.

Elliot- I didn’t mean any insults by your AV just found it funny.

SamY- Yea I enjoy our 3s matches a lot. You always switch it up on me when I think I have the match in my hands. As for CvS2 I have wanted to get in it like no doubt but always felt I was to late for that game. If your willing to teach I’m willing to learn.


the problem i have with IV is that with the exception of a few characters, the cast is too good (if that makes sense).

in IV, it’s harder (for me) to discern the “rps” (rock, paper, scissors) flow of the game.
ie: ryu can trade dp with an opponent’s move and still land ultra> that messes me up a lot.



cant say i agree with most of your post, imho SF4 is the best fighting game to date especially when you take all things into account. 100% perfection? not yet but hopfully with DLC, patchs, or a revision it will be.
And so i do agree about the revisions, i hope if/when they redo SF4 they make the balancing even better(if its even possible (besides a 2 obvious bits)) and just make some of the complainers(not saying the op is one) that can be helped, enjoy the game more. similar to hd remix, and plz switch the old SF inputs in 4 for the newer HDR inputs.


Don’t get me wrong I’m having lots of fun with the new kinks like focus attacks, Ultras especially and focus canceling just I can get spammed with so much and feel like I can never do anything about it. I guess what AJ said rock, paper, scissors


Once you get used to the system, you’ll probably dislike it even more if you really liked 3s’s system. CVS2 is an easier transition. Link timings, footsies and the like; the only thing that isn’t there is the broken ass groove system and gdlk normals that dominate everything. There still are broken normals, just… not as broken. Gootecks actually put out a guide specifically for third strike players making the transition, so you might want to check it out.

Good luck adjusting to the new game, though. It’s a pretty big change for many.


Thanks for the help man. I really appreciate it