How important is a fight pad/stick

I have been looking online at fight pads/sticks and I am a new player for MvC. I was a MK player and my friends told me to pick this one up. So I did, and I am loving it. But I don’t have alot of money to spend. And I looked at the BradyGames guide and this :

Christmas is coming up so i’m going to get just one so I still have a lil cash for my family/woman. But me being a brand new player, what should I invest in?

(Just cause, My teams : Iron Fist,Dante,Wesker- Dante,Virgil,Wesker- Frank,Cpt.America,Hulk. And yes I know how to OTG and stuff so im not totally noobish)

invest in posting things that aren’t stupid.

Fightpads are awful. The skill ceiling on a controller is very high so just work with what you’ve already got and save up for a Madcatz TE.

Also, inb4thelock this didn’t need a thread

the difference between pad and stick come into play at high levels of play, so unless you’re a top player, pad is just fine. Though if you’re in it for the long haul, I say that getting a stick is better since most people use it and you can use other peoples sticks during locals.

If you’re fine with a stock pad at the moment, no reason to get an arcade stick unless you really wanted one.
The UMvC3 guide is a must, if you want to buy one thing to get you started.
Save up for a nice stick if you want one, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have it.
And you won’t know your potential with it till you try so pretend it doesn’t exist for now.
Get comfortable with game mechanics and move on from there.
If you feel that there are things that will be easier on stick than pad, then you can decide to start saving up.

Otherwise, enjoy the game. You don’t have to own all the gadgets to do so.

It’s a must for fighting games! I have both and I switch from time to time.
Here’s my fight stick:

and I have a standard blanka fight pad:

“And yes i know how to OTG and stuff so im not completely noobish”

This was the time my eyes glazed over.

To the OP: most people here would tell you to save up for a stick. Check out these threads for more info:

Newbie Dojo arcade stick FAQ:

The “what stick should I buy?” thread: