How important is backwards compatibility?

I’m planning on buying a PS3 (or X360, but leaning more towards PS3), I was wondering if I should buy the new not-BC PS3 and maybe buy an old PS2, or go on craigslist and get a BC PS3.

old ps2 obviously works better than ps3 bc, so if yo dont mind having both, do it.

In all honesty, I almost never play PS2 games on my 60GB PS3 now. It’s a nice feature, but it’s really not that useful.

i wish i had bc on my ps3. There are still new interesting games coming out on ps2 and i would like to play mvc2 and 3s on my ps3. i would look for a bc ps3.

This. I made a big deal at first for BC but now that I have it…I must’ve used it twice.

I make me disappointment. :shake:

I want Metal Gear Solid 3: Eater Snake has online on PS3 60gb but not working online … said please only PS2 system online. :mad:

^ That and the servers are dead for that anyways!

I use my BC all the time. When I left home for college I left my ps2 there because my brother plays on it, so when I got a PS3 I got a 60gb model. I have about 20 ps2 games and 8 ps3 games and I mostly play PS2 games. So for me it matters a lot.

Actually I am very happy to have the option. Yakuza 2 came out last week and I’ve been playing it non stop. You never know when a late title comes out for the ps2.

I really wanted it. I’d have loved to pick up some of the old ps2 fighting games and play them with my HRAP3. I just have to hope that remakes are made and/or PSN releases of 3rd strike/Samsho/etc.

Tbh, my biggest problem right now is finding games. There are games comming out in the future that I’ll buy - like FF13 and SFIV, but I’m not a first-person-shooter fan and I’m not impressed with the racing games so far.

LOL at tachigoma av.

I still have my old PS2, but it’s way more convenient being able to play everything on one console.

It would be nice if the 40 gigs could do software emulation so I don’t have to switch between consoles and can play some other fighting games. BC is not as important for me since I already have a PS2, but it’s still a nice feature to have.

As others already stated, BC is not that important. I have an 80 gig and have played a PS2 game on it once or twice. I still have my PS2 that works just fine if I really want to play an old game.

I’m thinking about getting a PS3 and BC interests me because I don’t have a PS2 and there are a ton of old and new PS2 games I want to play. Actually there are only one or two actual PS3 games I’m interested in (I need a Blu-Ray player, LOL).

So questions:

How well does the BC in the BC PS3’s work? Does every game work? I’ve heard of lag when playing PS2 games on PS3, is it that bad?

Do PS1 games work on BC PS3’s? I still have some PS1 games I like to play.

Is it getting hard to find BC PS3’s yet?

Thanks in advance!

They’ve said IIRC that the non-BC PS3’s can play PS1 games

Note: This model will not play PlayStation 2 games, but is backwards compatible with PS one games.

I went ahead and got the non-BC ps3, don’t think i’d terribly miss any ps2 games, i was a DC kid anyways =)

Also got , MGS4, SC4, and NBA2k9 with the toys r us buy 2 get 1 free deal.

Thanks for the input everyone, see you guys on PSN.

The information that posted is very useful, I am expecting for your next post.Again thank you for your sharing.

I wish I could play CvS2 on my Ps3 with my TE :frowning:

It’s a nice to have the option(of not having to grab your PS1 and/or PS2) of just using my 60GB.