How important is Negative Edge with doing Links?

I saw in one video that Negative Edge (or negative edge with piano technique) can really help with your links.

But I thought Links require strict timing and not just trying to get the move out as fast as possible. Negative Edge seems like it’d make a lot of sense in terms of speed and getting the move out. For cancel combos and buffers I understand this would be great too, but don’t Links require strict timing (that small hit stun window) to get the moves to combo together?

negative edge cannot help with your links since it only affects specials and ultras.
and the only time i ever use negative edge is when I play viper to tk cancel quickly.

Negative eadge only works with specials and supers, Some links do consist of supers like Chun’s Hazanshu ~ Super, so piano’ing can help with some links.

But if you mean links with just normals then Negative edge can’t help.

Oh sorry I should be more specific:

I was talking about Supers. Like with Ryu, linking a F+HP into Shin Shoryuken. Does negative edge help there? If the answer is yes, how so? I thought it had strict timing on when you can input it. I would think the problem linking the Super is the [qcf x2] motion starting too early… not the actual punch button part of the move.

It helps the same way a shotgun makes it easier to hit someone you want to shoot.

Think about this. If you do the input for shinsho too early, nothing comes out. You just did the input during the active time of f.fp. If you do the input too late, the link doesn’t connect. So you want to get a bunch of inputs, so maybe if a few are too early, you’re more likely to have one that is the perfect timing.

I wouldn’t do any link into super in 3s without pianoing (and negative edging).


So the (down forward x2) motion isnt that important? It’s more important when you actually press the punch that makes the link? I’ve been experimenting but the results seem almost the same. I’ll try it some more

For me, negative edge tends to be most useful when used in conjunction with plinking in doing links that end with a cancel into a special that also uses one of the plinked buttons. For Rufus’>cl.fpxxGT, i find it easier to use negative edge for the GT instead of trying to press fp twice.

In fact, it seems like when doing plinks, it becomes less about doing the link and more about managing which negative edge you get rather than wondering if you should use it at all. GG massive input window.