How important is the music in your fg's?

The music in all the iterations of sf2, 3rd strike, mvc2, and even brawl are all phenomenal. Unsurprisingly those games all hold a special place in my gaming heart, so why did the music in sf4 have to be so bland and electronic?
Capcom’s games have some of the most memorable music but I think sf4 dropped the ball on this one. Hopefully they’ll have a patch with some character specific music from the online lobbies.

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as for the question, many people would tell you that they dont care, in my case i like good music, like in Guilty Gear or BlazBlue :rock:, the music of sf2 was great too, but hd remix ruined it, the music of sf3 is garbage like the game so… and the music in sf4 its fine, there are some good songs in the game like the one in the desserted temple

It depends. I agree with Hecatom about Guilty Gear & BlazBlue but I think 3rd Strike’s OST is pretty good on the whole, especially Akuma’s “Killing Moon” piece. I think the Samurai Shodown games have some of the finest fighting game music I’ve ever heard though.

Usually it doesn’t make that much difference to me what’s playing because I’m concentrating on kicking ass but if the OST is good, I’ll take more notice of it. Most fighting games don’t have great music though.

CVS2 music is the shit. [media=youtube]HlEdtXx4ym8[/media]

Guilty Gear close second.

IRK, but, you know, this is the BGM that we have to deal with, unless you want to mute your TV; Honestly, when i first heard when this game was coming out, i was like, oh yes, all the ST characters and some of the Alpha characters, including new ones, i thought, awesome. As far as music went, i just assumed that they were going to assign characters their own levels and on BGM, but when i found out that they weren’t, i was dissapointed, but then when i heard some of the music for the levels, i was like WTS is this, this is not CAPCOM, this is some generic BS, that they, IMO, they slapped together, but more than likely, they didn’t, so for the first like month, i just hated the god-awful soundtrack for the levels, but i do enjoy the remixes that are occasionally played waiting in online lobbies, but personally, the 3rd Strike soundtrack was the best, then comes stuff from the Vs. Series, such as MvC1, CvS2, as someone stated before me in this thread, and XvSF, oh yeah, Killer Instinct, the one for the SNES, that was literally, a killer soundtrack, but i hope they do something in the Championship Version of SF4 about the music, like Remix the tracks or something, the BGM in uninspiring, with the exception of the Temple Stage where you fight Gouki/Akuma and Gouken

Yes, thank god for the 360’s music streaming capabilities.

It’s not important. but at the same time, I’d bitch if there wasn’t any background noise in my games.

you are right, there are some beats in sf3 that are fine, like the song of elena and the akuma that you mentioned, (btw if i remember correctly the music of sf3 2nd impact was better, or my mind is toying with me), anyway the music of 3s is pretty bland compared to the osts of gg, bb, lb2 and ss, its uninspired, at least its better than the music on cvs2 and mvc2, thats for sure

This is why we have ipods :wink:

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CVS2 was great since I could make my own custom soundtrack. I’ve always liked GGX’s rock theme and 3rd strike wasn’t half bad either.

SFIV’s intro has got to be the worst that I can think of, off the top of my head. Sounds like a boyband song or something.

it is ok if its something that I can tolerate,

the only game music that make my ears bleed that I can remember is MvC2 music

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BGM is really important to me. My fav games also have the BGMs I like the most. It just makes the mood right.

I like MAD’s Stage from Groove on Fight the most by the way.

GGXX and SF2 both have really great music.
Gundam Wing: Endless Duel has some awesome battle music too.
Soul Blade(the original) is great. I mean, Cervantes Brave Folk Song and Takis Future Dancin’ are really good.
Last Blade 2 has some freakin’ mood-setting music.

The “last round” j-pop of SvG is hilarious.

Other fighting games, pretty meh I guess. That “this is a true love were makin’”(or whatever) song from CVS2 is catchy in a weird way I guess.

I like either the stages or the characters to be coupled with recognizable themes, like they did in SFII. You can name a character and everyone can hum their music.
Random music -good or bad- ftl.

Good or bad music does not impact what FG I will play, but its important.

I cant help but turn the BGMs off in pretty much everything now a days, and just play whatever music I feel like listening to over the stereo.

Mad. Mad important. I didn’t notice until the sound starting going out playing HDR online. It really changes the experience for me when I am playing in relative silence, and all I can hear is “shoryuken” and “hyou!”

When I get Blazblue, the character voices are going down by 1/3 and the background music is going up by half.

Edit: Randomly enough, GOOD funk music makes a pretty badass background to most any game from Halo to Burnout.

I think I’m one of those people who enjoy a good soundtrack and if not available, like in most of KoF '97, I wouldn’t mind a lot.

Gonna have to try this lol, I can already see it working very well.

The music is important, but not as important as it once was because now you can just stream your ipod over it with the xbox. SFIV got a few songs right (personal fav is the overpass), but it is just personal preference to what type of music you like.

Crazy taxi though… I restart the game until I get that Offspring song “YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH do dooo do do da do do da doo…” I don’t even like the Offspring but that song fits the game sooo perfectly.