How important is training offline vs online?


So Ive been training myself pretty much by myself using guides/videos/tutorial on various websites. Last night I feel like I hit a brick wall, I was playing ranked last night and I went on a huge losing streak ( I average around 1900pp-2100). It was very frustrating I think like 10 loses in row. I started doubting myself and my game, I need to get better. I know learning this game is a VERY TOUGH and LONG road but this just sucks. Hell I got hate mail last night after the guy BEAT ME! “ur lame” read the message.

I feel like im not learning anything by playing online. I want to play offline but NO ONE plays this game in my group of friends (hell they think im a fighting game god,ugh). I just learned what a reversal was after 6 months of playing this game :(. I dont think im learning to play correctly and just random?

I hate sounding like a sorry sap with a violin in his hands, but last night had me asking questions like “Should I play these games anymore?”. I want to have fun playing this game but NOT TAKE THIS SHIT SEROIUSLY to the point where I wake up in the morning and am still pissed about last night.


Go to the regional forums. You live in California, there is bound to be an already established group of players within an hour and a half drive of you.


they’re both important(as long as you’re playing someone who’s better than you/you learn what you did wrong(to lose)/what you did right(to win). Play some matches online & then critique your replays.


Training Mode is good for practicing your combos, links, resets, and if you’re at a high enough level - option selects (through the recording option.) Make sure you have auto-block on. It’s like muscle memory training. The recording feature also can help you learn how to defend against things other players do to you. Just record what they do that gives you trouble, and practice defending against the recording.

Playing online (especially an endless battle set) can help you learn other aspects of the game, like how to control space (zoning, footsies, etc.), improve reactions, etc. However, it can also help you learn how to land your links/combos/resets/etc. in real match situations.

Learning to use normal moves as Anti-Air is something playing online can help you with. It puts you in a situation where you have to quickly react and decide which move to do. Look at a character like Chun-Li who has multiple Anti-Air normal attacks. I don’t even pick her often, but she’s a good example for this. Standing versions of HP, HK, MK and d/f + LK are all usable as Anti-Airs, but each is best used at a certain distance. HK is best from afar and HP is best from just a bit closer. St. MK is good in situations such as a full-screen Condor Dive by T. Hawk. St. d/f + LK isn’t as reliable, and is used from close, but it puts your opponent in a combo-able juggle state if you connect.

If you get to the point where you naturally react with the right AA normal, that probably comes from training against a human opponent (online included.) Don’t be afraid to test out things online - you’ll learn from it.

Hope this makes sense. I am tired, so sorry if it doesn’t! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for replying guys. There are some really good tips like the recording tip. I need to go the cali forum and do some local play. It never hits me how important training mode until someone reminds me.


I also had no idea how important the trial mode is either if you haven’t done that with your main character you definitely need to go through that. Man there right though you live in fricken California your pretty much in the state of fighting games…just gotta find em as for me i found the alabama fighting game community and we only have like 10 people here o.o but as long as there’s people better than you, you have the resources and hype you need to start a community. Also everyone learns the game at there own pace and i’d love to play some friendlies with you since i don’t really have any xbl ssf4 friends i actually talk too the name is zega26.