How improved was Infiltrations Gouki?


Maybe it was just his night. But I’ve never knew he was that ill. I thought he had mostly been playing Gouken lately. Who lands that many Demons in high level play?


Seth Killian was saying on the stream that Infiltration has leveled up quite a bit. He looks nice on youtube vids and has a nice Hakan too. He looked really good at SS Seasons Beatings but seemed a little more willing to ‘play’ around and use his other characters (specifically using hakan/gouken vs combofiend before winning with Gouki) as opposed to EVO top 8 was all Gouki.


There’s been a lot of talk about his Gouken because of the job he did on Dieminion at Seasons Beatings and because he’s the only Gouken making an impact at the business ends of tournaments, but he’s always been an Akuma main.


Better than it was last year. It was good, BUT, there was just something there this year that was on point. His mind games was on, vortex was on, and he was making the right decision.

Very impressive. Tokido’s put on notice.


. Did anyone see his match against Poonkyo in the salty suite? It wasn’t pretty… Infiltration has officially Ascended, along with Goku and Vegeta.