How in the hell is this supposed to be fair?


How is it that I, a sub 1000 LP bronze player am getting matched with 2000+ LP Silver players. I don’t understand how this is supposed to be fun. Did I do something to screw up the matchmaking or is it kinda broken? Getting stomped by people double my LP is really crushing my spirits.


It’s not but you did nothing wrong, just the matchmaking being bad. I play golds and super golds a lot and I am silver with 2k7. Kinda have to take it as a learning experience if you loose. If you win you gets tons of points.
When I was ultra bronze I got a bunch of super/ultra silvers.

The fact is there is not enough players in this game, as I said I have 2700 points and I am 36000th, silver at 2000 might be 55000th. That’s not a lot of people worldwide for a rank this low especially since they are obviously not on at the same time. So the MM adapts and search for a bigger range of players.


This was the last straw, I just straight up alt+f4’d in the loading screen. Wasn’t going to waste my time getting assfucked by somebody 4x my LP


Valoon said it best in that you just have to take it as a learning experience. I’ve been bouncing around in Bronze for awhile now because I keep getting matched against different ranks of Silver players. I take the beatings and usually walk away with something to use for the next time. You know what happend? I beat my first Silver ranked player the other night. Keep at it and don’t give up. Quitting the match before it even starts or even part way in looks poorly on you, not to mention you will have to fight these rank of players somewhere down the road anyways.


Just got in a 2 games in a row both against ultra silvers. Why the hell does this keep on happening to me


You would’ve literally lost 1 point from that match. But instead of playing people who are clearly better than you so that you can try and get better, you just quit the match.



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Look what mere rank points do to players…


That Mika was likely a ragequitter tho. 16 win streak low golds are like 90% of the time ragequitters.


Your Avatar perfectly describes this thread. As for @JamesJoestar I believe someone answered your question already. There’s just not enough players at your level. ( Probably because so many at your level rage boosted to gold ). So the game puts you up against higher level players. @Pertho is giving you sound advice. Stop running away from better players. Take it as a challenge and learning opportunity. It barely cost you any rank points should you lose and it’ll only make you better. You keep running from better players and you’ll never get anywhere. because you’ll stay in your comfort zone against players you can’t really learn from because they are still learning themselves. Stop being scared nigga, it’s a game. Not an actual fight against someone bigger, stronger and more experineced than you.


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Hi guys,

I don’t know if this will help at all but I too am a bronze level guy and here is how I dealt with this.

I had a rare day to myself a few weeks back so I binged online matches and out of roughly 8 hours play I only got matched with someone at my level twice. I was really salty about it at first but when I really thought about it, it wasn’t the ‘unfairness’ of the matchup that pissed me off, it’s that I felt like an 80’s pro wrestling jobber (sans mullet and lycra) who couldn’t get a move in to save his life, and so it just wasn’t fun.

What I should have done was come off of online play way sooner than I did and try to figure out why I couldn’t get a move in, and that is where the fun would have been at that time.

Of course, if you just want to jump in and play people at the same level as you and not progress your own ability (which is understandable for some folk) then I could understand why it would be frustrating, and perhaps seeking out players individually as opposed to matchmaking might be more enjoyable for you?


Here’s an anecdote that may or may not help. When I started SF4 on PC it was a similar experience; not that many players and the few who were online generally had been playing for years.

I eventually switched from playing ranked to mainly playing endless battle (equivalent to battle lounge) because it was much more helpful at that stage. A lot of times a higher level player would play a long set with me where they were basically thrashing me, but I would slowly pick up little counters to what they were doing during the set. In other words, it is possible to learn from way better players if you have enough time to break down what they’re doing.


This! Thank you new guy. People act as if they can’t just find people of similar skill level on message boards. The issue is that most people think match making is suppose to be perfect and flawless and get them people on their skill level. And that they shouldn’t have to visit online forums to find players.


To be fair, thats what a match making system at its very core is all about, otherwise it would be called missmatch making. In fact, there are several games across all genres that pretty much managed to fulfill that promise. But you both are right, there are other ways to find players with the same skill.


Not really. It depends on the goals of the system.

Blizzard uses matchmaking systems designed to give both players a 50/50 chance of winning, or at least the illusion of a coin flip. You generally have a static reward (or penalty) for wins or losses. You only usually play against someone in a higher (or lower) rank than you if you are about rank up (or down). With a system like this you generally need a large player base or else you’ll see long wait times.

The SFV system is more akin to what things are like in an arcade on a bunch of linked cabs. You’re matched up with whoever sat down to play, regardless of how good either of you are. As a result of the possible skill gap, the reward system is skewed to give the underdog more points for a win, but less for a loss. You can generally have pretty quick matches in such a system even if there aren’t that many people playing at any given moment.

They both have advantages and disadvantages. In my point of view, being able to have a shot against anyone has been a longtime hallmark of fighting games, so I’m glad SFV uses the system it does. With the current system in use, I’ve been matched up against some notable east coast players all of whom were higher ranked than me. Even though I had a low win rate against them, I was really happy to have the chance to play against them.


I haven’t complained about, I like it myself. Same skill level basically means a 50% win ratio, doesn’t it? Even if it creates just the illusion of balanced levels, it seems to be enough to the likes of many players.


matchmaking system serves its purpose. I want more skilled players to learn and improve. Low skill dudes like you need to improve too. It’s not always about winning or losing, you wont get any better playing with scrubs.

Id pick sf4 matchmaking system over sf5’s anyday. Believe me I dont want to waste time playing scrubs, if capcom gave people the choice everyone would ignore your scrubby ass. It’s like a bitter medicine you must swallow it to get better.