How in the world do people charge up this quick?

SSF4 Guile combo video by MoD1ns1d3 : News :

This is the video I was just watching about 5 minutes ago. It was friking pro… a little bit too pro. I mean, FC into Sonic Hurricane? I do not play with Guile, and it seems like this has been old news, but I have no idea of how to charge up in under a second to do combos like those. Can someone help me out here? As in, can someone tell me how to charge quickly Like MoD did in this video? Thanks.

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He’s using pre-charging which is an old news technique that helps you charge a tiny bit faster. There’s nothing in that vid that is holywtfbbq impossible, but he’s really stretching the limits of charge / combo timing.

FADC U2: [media=youtube]8tJJ_DSq-kc[/media]
Pre-Charge: [media=youtube]mARorBkHxt0[/media]

Here’s how to charge up:

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the one thing i have problem with is doing ex sonic boom ex sonic boom. but i think that’s more down to the fact it’s a one frame link (i think?) rather than my charge timing.

and @ nemesys this is why i took a break from guile lol.

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after I saw a video from geom Guile ,sure thing I went to the training lab. how is he doing combos from exboom to jab to exboom etc, or instead of jab , Is it character specific?

Anyways I guess I am not precharging as fast as I need to, but I dont really want to damage my stick,lol.

I think is more on the charge timing than the frame link because I tried all the different ways, normal, plink, double tap, triple tap.
It looks cool but the damage sucks.

Sorry, but im really new to the forums, and although I have been playing street fighter since I was probably 4 years old, I never used charge characters because I liked characters that could dish out large combos, but that was until I saw this video lol. Sorry for my newbness, but I wanna be able to know how to play with all characters. And um… I have a question that is completely off topic, but I dont know what to do 1st. Should I get SSFIV 1st, or pre-order Vanquish and then get SSFIV, because there really is no point of getting SSFIV unless I wanna get use to the new characters and tweaks, and when the new characters come out for DLC then would be the appropriate time to get it. But Vanquish is pretty, and when I say pretty, I mean REALLY BAD ASS!!! Like have you seen that gameplay? Knock people in the air, slow down time and shoot them and make a epic moment. So which one? I know this is off topic, but please help me with this. But yeah thanks for the help everyone im pretty sure I can do this with other characters too.