How in the world do you double tap?

yeah so Ive been playing fighting games for some time now, But I always wanted to know. How the heck do you double tap? I tried looking for Videos and it barely shows me. Can any attempt to explain to me? I’d appreciate it, Thanks

double = x2 so you tap it 2 times?

Most people use their index and middle finger and brush the button / edge of the button. Basically when you want to press the button, you lay your index finger on it, press it slightly, then quickly run your middle finger across the same path when pressing it. Obviously this only works with buttons sensitive enough to register these presses.

That’s just one method, there are many more.


Whats the actual technique for it tho.

oh ok cool thanks Master Chibi. But also does the buttons that come with the SE madcatz That sensitive to be able to double tap??
Would anyone Like to give me some other methods? heh

I prefer using my middle finger first and then doing the second tap with my index finger. If I remember correctly the SE stick buttons can be double tapped reliably. When you slide your fingers across the buttons it should be a quick 1,2. taptap.

Video reference. [media=youtube]QD8VgZLbUJo"[/media]

cool cool thank you so much

oh yeah i ment tournament edition. Not standard. hah

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yeah i didnt know what i was doin haha. Sorry about that

did he just ask how to double fap?

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Tournament edition uses quality sanwa buttons, so yeah, you’ll be able to double tap those too.

I voted for “Arcade stick technique.”

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There are two meanings to double tapping, I’ll gave examples based in ST:

One: using two fingers (or finger and thumb) to tap a single button.

Two: pressing one button several times with one finger rapidly.

The first method is used for mashing things like Honda’s hand slaps, Chun’s legs, or Blanka’s electricity, or even mashing a standing jab with Dictator or low jab with T.Hawk to beat Honda’s headbutt.

The second is during links (or link combos) where you are linking one normal attack after the other. So if you are playing as Dictator and you are trying to link a standing short kick into a standing roundhouse kick, if you are double tapping, you’ll tap the roundhouse button twice to try to input the attack within the allowed window for the link combo.

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You guys are talking about buttons…I’m gonna :rofl: if this dude just wants to know how to dash/backstep. In all but the most retardedly insane combos (super-high-level Vampire Savior-type shit or SF series “button-fap” moves), you rarely need double-tapping in most games. Good execution will get you by. Sloppy excecution calls for double-tapping buttons.

Pretend your index and middle finger are the 2 front legs of a horse galloping. same speed same interval cept your hitting one button