How in the world do you get the clips off the buttons on a mad catz te 2

i feel like im bending and messing up the sanway switches i tried EVERYTHING no clear video or instuctions how to do this easyily. watch one video from madcats saying use the screw driver we provide push down then it shoudl slide of wtf. no

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thanks. also i noticed the plexi underneath the bezel is kinda lose now not worrying just dont remember it ever moving on me that normal?

It seems to be affecting a few owners of the TE2 as seen in the TE2 thread that you already posted in.

For future reference, this type of question should have been asked in the:

“Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)” sticky thread

i discovered a trick if i turn the buttons around till i see the lil clip thing or i mean have it to where its looks like double barrley shot gun. they come off alot easier. the flat side makes it alot harder to get with needle nose