How in the world is 720



how do u parry into a 720 gigas?! its driving me crazy…i cant even do a 360 sucessfully on the ground 100% of the time, which i’m still trying to master. i read the FAQ on the standing 720, but it does not help me at all. before i get flamed by saying i need to re-read that thread, can anyone actually help me with the motions of it? thanks.


If you cant even 360 on the ground standing, moving forward, or walking back dont try to parry xx 720. Stick to your basics. Master 360 first.

A above average hugo player with SA I wont really depend on landing the 720 all the time. It has better effect as a mind game and a fear factor. 720 has pretty easy set ups, parrying is just one of them.

When i use SA I my thoughts are not " Man i gotta land this, this super does so much damage". Its more like " Since i have full meter what wont he do against me or what can i get away with."

Stick to the basics.


i only saw like 1 or 2 matches that a hugo actually does one, and when it comes, everyone is like WOWWW and stuff, its just ur opponent will hold back, ull have more to play with, like if you parry a or whatever, theyll most likely jump back or something, i dunno, taunt them or something :stuck_out_tongue: freak em out


the best way to parry into 720 is to do it in one fluid motion. So push forward to parry, then from the forward, spin the stick twice quickly. Practice it on training mode, just have Ryu throw fireballs from full screen, and try to parry into 720 them. Once you master that, then try to parry jump ins into 720s in the arcade.

after a while, parry into 720 becomes second nature.


Parry 720, its pretty easy, you just have to spin really quick. Thats really all there is too it. Now walk up 720, thats when shit starts getting hard.


parry 720 isn’t too hard, the parry animation helps you stay on the ground a bit longer which is much easier than just doing a ‘standing 720’ :wink:


The motion can be basically explained as this on the keypad, 6321478963214, thats 13 points which needs to be hit in order for the move to register. If this is what you’ve read then I dont think you can be helped, it just takes practice. If it makes it any easier you may want to press the P before you actually finish the motion, so for 360, 6321478, i would press the P on 7. In terms of parrying then 720, well, thats again something that you have to get the feel of doing, unfortunately this comes with “Practice”. Like 720 said, you should really start with basics like 360 so that you can get used to spinning the stick.

Something else on the lines of parrying into 720, though I never use this, is when the opponent parries your clap, you can cancel straight into 720 and they cant do nothing about it.:smiley:

In terms of my use of 720 I usually try and go for tachi’s, this is a bad habit I know:p. After knocking over my opponent, and from out of their “wake-up throw” reach, I wait for them to rise, from then on it depends but I usually go for tachi gigas at this point. In the past I always got thrown out of it, but since 720 has such massive reach I never get that close anymore. If they try and sweep you with HK, your invincibility frame stops this from being a problem. This way has worked quite well for me lately. Again though, 720 is quite right about not relying on the 720, since a lot of the times you can fluff up and end up jumping (or other things) rather than doing a 360 which would gaurantee damage.


The trick with 360 is that you only have to do 270 degree motion actually. Same goes for 720, it only takes 630. That’s one full 360 plus 270 to finish it off. Speed is the key. You must also anticipate that you will successfully parry too. If you expect to just parry instinctively and bust out the Gigas think again. Any hesitation is lethal. A good trick to know is wiff a light attack and do a Gigas Breaker. This allows you to stay on the ground and still do the motion. This takes speed as well though. It’s also great for dragon punches and the like b/c it’s obvious that you can’t do the whole motion standing up. So what you do after blocking a dragon punch, flash kick, etc. is just do a d+LP or d+LK that wiffs under the opponents body as he is descending from the dragon punch, flash kick, etc. and quickly do the “720”. May also work on those that jump in with high attacks or try to jump in, do nothin’ and parry. Good suprise. Staple Hugo knowledge.


You can do the whole motion standing up without buffer, its what is refered to as standing/tachi gigas. So its possible to walk up to a missed dragon punch and just pull out 720.


Not only is it possible to do the Gigas just standing there (as Ssongro pointed out), but there’s also no reason to do the entire 720 during the parry or to whiff a move after blocking something to pull out the Gigas (for the same reason). You can simply do one SPD motion (270) during the parry or while in block stun, then do the second 270 rotation + punch like normal (as if you were doing an SPD). The Gigas will come out because of the long buffer for moves in 3s. Sticking an empty 270 into any blocked poke or jump-in is useful. If they remain in range and on the ground after you come out of block stun, you need only 270 again to get them with Gigas.


What you said is true…but you forgot to mention that the window of opportunity for the second 270 to complete Gigas is very small. It is not as easy as it sounds. A better way, is when you are at the end of block animation do a 270 really quick. This would just give you a little more time in comparison to starting the first 270 buffer in the begining of the block animation. Although the timing is very minimal between begining and ending block stun animation, its still a factor. The lag you can put between a partioned gigas is under a sec. I could be wrong.


I already knew there was some Jap kid that could do standing Gigas. I heard about it a long time ago. I was saying from a realistic standpoint that nobody will do it consistently. Especially jo blows. As for the long buffer time allowing you to do the first 360 during block stun and then another after the opponent lands. I had no idea the “buffer” time for it was so long. Thanks for that little tid-bit. But for fierce dragon punch, EX dragon punch, and certain supers that make the person go way high in the air it doesn’t seem to be long enough. On top of that you must do the first motion really fast during the little block stun you get. Now you could say on my method (wiffing a d+LK, etc.) that you must do the motion really fast during that too. But what I do is do partial motion with either d/f+LK, d+LK, d/b+LK and then finish it. For example, block Ryu’s EX Shoryuken and during block stun motion u, u/b, b, d/b, d+LK and continue motion of d/f, f, u/f, u and then another 360. It isn’t necessary to use block stun though. If you are a little slow or mess up during “your” method then you usually jump. During mine you usually don’t. I’m not trying to say mine is better than yours. If you can get it done you can get it done. Right on.

I just thought of this though: If you need a little more level to reach Gigas potential and you block Remy’s super art II you can’t use block stun. You could however block the first 2 flash kicks, parry the hits of the last one to get enough level for Gigas and then use “my” method to catch it on him. Just a thought.


Well, yeah, if you block something like a fierce DP, the whiffing a low short method works well. It’s definitely a good technique you have ready. I would just assume you’re not going to be blocking a lot of fierce/EX DPs, on a regular basis. If someone’s trying to psycich DP your poke or whatnot, they’re most likely going to use jab DP. Wanted people to know that you could also use block stun to cover one of the rotations. As well, there are moves that look like you’d have time to whiff a low short first, but you really don’t, such as blocking Remy’s SA2. The block stun method works well here (and is a believable scenario, since Remy players going for the standing forward, SA2 link sometimes mistime it).

On that topic, you really do have a rather long time, in SF terms. Around a second, yeah. That’s a long time. =) I guess it’s good that it was pointed out that you need to do the rotation near the end of your block stun, but I thought that was obvious. Especially if you blocked a one hit poke or jab DP or something; you wouldn’t be able to do the rotation that early anyway simply due to reaction time.

Oh yeah, and “some Jap kid” can do standing Gigas? Heh. It’s not really that hard. Several of the regular Hugo posters here (including myself) can do it consistenly enough to make it part of our game plan.


SlimX is my hero. I want to have like a million of his 720-spewin’ babies.



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I did a standing 720 today. Just kinda pulled it outta my ass. Couldn’t repeat it, tho.


hey all, i got the standing 360 to work wonders now, parry into 720 also works, but im just wondering if anyone knows how to do the tachi gigas on the ground? lol have fun

thx for all the help! :smiley:


More like 540. I could pull off standing Gigas with just 540 degrees, although I do it at 585 degrees (that’s 540 + 45 degrees) to make sure it’ll come out consistently.

Just do it really fast. Like, fast as in WHIZZ! fast. That’s it.