How in world do you guys manage to have 19kb Avatars?

I have an image that I REALLY want to put up but no matter how low resolution I put it it’s always around 21Kb and any lower it looks like crap.

I have photoshop(Student version for $300 on JourneyEd so I didn’t pirate if you’re thinking that)

Please help.

Do you already have the avatar made and the file size is too big or do you just have to image you want to use?

Yeah it’s made and stuff. I just composited two images together in photoshop but I just can’t get it low enough in file size. I don’t know what’s to be done so it can look clear at 160 x 64 and still fall in the 19kb requirements.

Your best bet would be going to the Image Mismash forum on this site for help.

Can you post up the avatar somewhere? I’ll see what I can do.

That’s the Image before I tried to take it down to 160 x 64

All right! That’s cool!

Image still looks crap though. I’m gonna have to do somethin’ about that.

Did you want it to look like this? I only resized it and cut out some parts (no editing). The file size came out to about 11KB in high quality.

Not really, but that’s cool. Thanks for helping though.

How big is your Avatar? I’m trying to get it at the right size like yours so one can actually see the pic.

Mine is 160 x 100 but you have to be a Premium Member to get that size. I knew you wouldn’t like the resize I did because it cut out too much of the image in order to keep the resolution higher. The image you wanted is hard to resize because of the word “Jacksonified” would be hard to read.

I think the one you have now is just fine.

How you become a Premium Member?

When your Premium Membership runs out, you can keep the larger avatar if you don’t change it. If you change it, it’ll be 160 x 64 again.

Oh cool! I’ll get the one year when I get paid on Friday.