HOW intentional was Street Fighter V's release in it's current state?


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Many gamers from all over the world have been upset about the release of Street Fighter V in what some call it’s “half-baked” or “Beta” state. Many have said it was to get tournaments started for pro points going toward to EVO, but was there MORE there that we haven’t thought about? Watch the video below and give your thoughts on this issue (Note: for those that speak Spanish, pay more attention to the mannerisms and reactions displayed):


step 1: release unfinished game to awful reviews and sales
step 2: ???
step 3: profit

all part of the plan


That video is mostly trolling and won’t give you any real insight to what happened. It just trolls about how the game had a bare bones launch like Killer Instinct.

Overall though this is just more “State of Street Fighter V” discussion that’s already overdone at this point



Uh…can you at least give us your thoughts on the video since you started the thread? What is your analysis about how a Spanish speaker would understand more from this video than non Spanish speakers? I mean, if you’re going to beat the dead horse that is this topic at least add something to the conversation rather than throwing up a video we have probably all seen already and asking for our feedback.


oh gawd that vid was hilarious. 10/10 for the vid whoever put that together hahaha

This thread though, eh… :\ Who cares. The game is fun, and I wouldn’t play an arcade mode any more than I currently play Survival, which is exactly as much as I have to. If all the colors were released to be bought, I’d buy them and never touch that trash again. Fighting game AI are always BS, and I’d never buy a game to fight the AI.


Let’s beat the dead horse some more.


They needed the game out. Had they simply said, attention, preorder street fighter V and get full access to the beta. Full online play with all characters! Wow what a great preorder bonus. The final won’t be ready until at least June, probably September. People would have said wow 6 month early access this is great! Instead of: wow this fucking sucks I can’t believe I paid 60$ for this.


The game was supposed to be F2P for most of its development but either Capcom ran out of money, its execs got cold feet, or Sony didn’t want to fund a F2P cross platform game so they charged $60 for what was designed and developed to be free.

There are little tells everywhere implying this game was meant to release both six months from now and for free. Whoever made them release it early has probably had to cut off a few fingers by now.