How is Alex an anti-shoto again?

Sorry it’s been a long time since I played as good ol’ Alex, that I forgot how to use him against shotos, so can someone remind me of that thanks.

Well…Alex I would say works well against shotos cuz he has some good normals for taking out their c.MK. c.MP when timed right will usually stuff out shoto c.MK and s.MK from a distance works well for the same reason. Pressuring Alex with fireballs is a no no cuz he can EX stomp right over them.

Pretty much. Alex has a clear advantage over Sean (if you want to count him as a shoto), but that’s about it. He does fight Akuma, Ryu, and Ken about evenly, though, because of his normals and Air Stampede (and anti-airs).

Hey everybody ive been playing alex for a while he is the only character i play with and he does very well against shotos the only shoto that you have to worry about is ken. what you need to learn is charge partition it is very important to his game and hide your charging and no kens low forward poke range good tip against chunglee .the key is to score a nockdown and presure the hell out of them they are goin to make a mistake sooner or later like a dragon punch. mix up always mix up light power bomb is very good make them feel like blocking is not safe most likely they will jump if they do parry if they dont power bomb them. learn what moves you can punish. some times whating is the key alex does alot of damage. Alex is a very good character he can compete hell ksk has proven that alex is a contender. theres alot of stuff i left out.I am actually goin to write a game FAQ on alex if i am not to buzzy working on my acura integra

You people are crazy. Ken and Akuma are definitely bad matchups for Alex, with Akuma being harder. Alex’s stupid hitbox makes it hard to avoid and punish random hurricanes, and along with air fireballs, demon flips, and kara throws, Alex is pretty much locked down the whole time. He’s just not fast or mobile enough to easily deal with that kind of pressure.

I think it’s pretty even against Ryu.

Well…I was just stating the advantages he has over them (he can trade/beat out all of their good pokes with the right timing). Of course Alex vs. Akuma is just a crap matchup for Alex as far as Akuma can just make sure he doesn’t touch him. Air fireballs and dive kicks just cause a whole lot of trouble that Alex can’t do anything about. Alex does have the advantage still in that he can contend rather well with Akuma’s (and the other shotos for that matter) ground game. Plus Alex has f+MP against shoto j.MK cross up.

I think ken is harder red parry acumas huricane kick. If he jumps fireball parry it air knee mash presure his stupid ass back if he gets hit hes taking alot of damage.

urien is 4-6 vs ken and akuma…

with this kind of english…please don’t write a faq…please…i’m begging you…please don’t…or the world’ll revert back to medieval days and witches will rule the earth…

Or speak in old english, I wonder where there is a dictionary for that.

Chunglee should be the name of the SNK version.