How is emulated cps3 third strike NOT arcade perfect?

I’ve had people tell me it isnt… i don’t want a simple “it’s not arcade perfect” i want a list of differences…

I mean… it is emulation… there could be stuff wrong… but if it is the arcade board being emulated… <shrugs>


Well, depends on what you consider arcade perfect I guess. Strictly speaking it cannot be deemed identical until the emulation is cycle exact and your computer never suffers any performance hiccups whatsoever. Since it wasn’t that long ago when computers finally received the horsepower required for cycle exact emulation of NES hardware I cannot imagine CPS3 emulation will be anywhere near that level for a long time yet. The emulation we can accomplish today is probably close enough for most folks however…

Not that long ago for NES? I was emulating NES perfectly in high school ('98/'99) when Nesticle was popular. Unless I’m missing something when you say “cycle perfect.”

I only played one night of 3s emulation, and I was expecting to be let down, but it was really really nice. Another friend says it runs pretty flawlessly on his comp, and his laptop is pretty weak (in terms of '06/'07 gaming). I dunno, if we play on it again maybe I can give you better details besides “‘KO’ sounds way sweeter in the arcade version than console.”

BUT obviously WTF do I know.

one easy way is because of input lag. Most programs use a process called double (or sometimes triple) buffering; they draw the screen that will show up next frame while the previous frame is being displayed. In particular in 3D games, this is done so a screen is fully displayed, instead of changing what’s being shown half way through. However it causes a delay in input.

But, fuck the haters. Play what you want to play. That’s why I ignore stupid comments on the CPS3 thread about CPX3.

Just curious what your CPU load is while doing this?


P4 2.53ghz
1 gig of ram
geforce 6600

sure the PS2 version is not arcade perfect either, but theres one thing playing SF3 like nerds which we all do but theres another thing claiming you dont like versions now cause its they aint arcade perfect, jesus like.

CPS3 is arcade perfect GAME wise, but if you looked at it from a technical perspective then its not, read toodles post?

I inexplicably win more on it.


emulated 3s may not be absolutely arcade perfect, but if it’s a lot closer to perfect than say PS2 SFAC, i’m on it.

CRT monitor
Overclock USB
Playstation 2 stick
Lagless Playstation 2 > USB converter
Have Vsync and double / triple buffering off

It is.

Right now the biggest difference i’ve noticed is the audio is off in a lot of places, which doesn’t exactly affect gameplay

It runs perfectly even on my AMD X2 2ghz/1g ram laptop both with directdraw and direct3d settings. And with the fast forward mode…I can run it at 200+% speed

I’ve been playing on the cps3’s third strike for a few weeks now, and I haven’t noticed the slightest bit of lag. But since the tech heads say it’s there I guess it’s there but I don’t see it

Hey, I got no clue if its is there. Just playing devil’s advocate and pointing out one way it could be non-arcade perfect and still be emulated.

Who cares…just play it.