How is every Blanka doing in EVO?

I am at Pool 11 - Raymond
I did okay, get to top 16 in Loser side and lost a close final set game at the end.

Saw some good blanka played on the big screen!!
Blanka looks good still ~~

I didn’t see any Blanka except one and he got toasted I guess Blanka is mostly good against scrubs like myself :frowning:

There was that Blanka during the 5v5 matches. I think I saw him playing in pools, and was much better than that. Didn’t seem like he was doing too well on the big screen though.

I got to Semi Finals in my pool then lost in losers… pretty weak. 2 wins away from Semi Finals. Woulda been pretty awesome.

did any blankas made it out of their pool at all?

Lost to Crackfiend in winners and ended up losing to a bison in losers semi’s.

Looks like the two or three Blankas that couldve really made it deep didnt… SHGLBMX got put out by Crackfiend and a Bison (shitty matchup), Viscant… Im not sure if he played Blanka or Zangief, but didnt he make it out of his pool? And Moval had an emergency and couldnt come, although he was going to play Ryu anyways.

I beat a good player who I wont name cuz I dont like calling people out, but I lost in semis of my pool… Man, we didnt have much luck.

But there was a Blanka in Semi Finals, cuz I saw him playing on big screen, but I dont know who it was.

What about ShinBlanka? Was he at Evo??

I was that Blanka during the 5v5 :wasted: I made it out of my pools in winners, but unfortunately didn’t do so hot in the semifinals. I lost my first game, won a game in losers, and lost the next one.

^this guy was in pool 8 and straight raped everyone. My scrub ass blanka really learned a lot watching you play.

Everytime I went to see how Viscant was doing I always saw him playing with Gief, lol. ShinBlanka wasn’t @ evo.

I lost to Kaiser’s Sagat in winner semis, then lost soon after that to some Rufus player who knew the matchup really well. I was on fire for my first few matches though, I think I started getting overconfident and making big risks (not turtling enough too!).

I think that one of the most solid blankas, unfortunately didn’t make it out of pools either. He was also in my pool. I believe his name was Hydro. Good meeting you, also. Very good with his normals. I think had I made it out of pools, I would’ve guessed that my best spot would’ve been around Top 32 (or higher) somewhere. My goal was top 8, so definitely next year!

I don’t know if it was on the big screen or not, but there’s a Hawaii Blanka player named Josh P. who got a seat in the semi-finals of SF4. He was matched up against John Choi I believe,

wow of the 5 real good blankas here on srk 2 of them are in the same pool, lol. what are the odds.

i talked to hydro, said the ps3 trophy bug plus him being used to x360 was making him mess up his links, which is real unfortunate cause his blanka is solid too :confused:

Next year top 16… half of them Blankas. Lets do it.

^lol only if sim and balrog massively drop in popularity (aka dont hold you breath for ANY blankas in top16 for evo next year :sad:)

I did shit. I wasn’t really all there during my pool. I hella wanted to take a nap. No excuse though.

Good to meet you shglbmx. Hydro is definitely solid.

This character is just more of an uphill battle than I think people realize IMO (or want to admit). You have to be super beast when playing good tournament players using top tier characters.:sad:

i got messed up by 2 sagats, but i was able to send 3 mutha fuckas home!

I like your style too. I learned something from you on a blocked Honda ultra reversal ultra:wow:

Yep it was one point when I was gonna ultra yes just my luck and it lagged We were like WTF. Its all good ill still main Blanka

I love the Fight for JIMMY Blanka meeting between us:party: In the great words of JesseJackson keep hope alive :nunchuck:

Weird to say I like ps3 better cause its just the speed I need I get out more combos on it. But…I cant hop ultra:sad:

Hop ultra is valuable cause it opens up throw games plus it will crossup so the chances of punishing it is very low(on wakeup) and has the element of surprise:badboy:

good job… yeah lets do it again next year… I rooted for Blanka~
"I learned something from you on a blocked Honda ultra reversal ultra"

Hey Peachy?
Do you have any video uploaded? i want to learn from u ~~

lost in winners final then in losers final (didnt clear my head from the previous loss) gotta figure something out with sim.