How is Gamerbee supporting himself?

Just curious, not trying to dick ride. I see him in a lot of tourney’s now, and I’m curious how he’s funding this. I don’t think he has rich parents like Daigo, and unless he’s doing extremely well at work in Taiwan I don’t see how he’s able to splurge and take a lot of vacation time. So, I assume he works part time in Taiwan and comes over to tourneys and makes a good killing from money matches and tourney winnings.

The tournament organizers pay for him to come down (air travel+hotel) to promote their tournament.

Robbing Banks, Pwning Kids @ Tourneys, & Taking Names. BLAOW!

Dude works as a night shift hotel manager. Sounds like it pays a decent wage.

Madcatz pays for Daigo to go everywhere. Not sure about Gamerbee.

daigo has rich parents?

The Umejuarez drug cartel rakes in a lot of money yo.

by winning money matches?! :stuck_out_tongue:

asian wife?

he probably got himself sponsored. or the other idea that comes to mind is he lives off of 1 package instant ramen a day… and puts the rest of his money in to savings for tournaments…

My neighbor is moving out so that means that my cat won’t have another cat to meow with during the day :sad:

Rcaido, don’t ever change.

Gamerbee HAD a job as a hotel manager…he quit when he stayed in cali for a month or so for socal regionals. Dont know how he’s supporting himself though.

He supports himself by whoring himself out for money with massive dickriders like the OP.

Very lucrative.

reason for this thread?

I don’t know myself. A normal Asian male of his age would have already succumbed to the harsh atmosphere and extreme gravity of North America

As completely pointless as this thread is…
HE QUIT HIS JOB AS A HOTEL MANAGER TO GO TO SCR? THE FUCK? Unless the exchange rate + the seasons beating money made him a millionaire in taiwan that doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Also Who do I have to pay off to get a damn facepalm smilie on this site?

I didn’t know the american dollar was worth as much as gold, 10 bucks is like 2 months rent