How is having to pay a subscription on PS4 to play online justifiable?

So, I was super excited to go and buy the game tonight on PS4 since this weekend I have a “boys night out” (basically a bunch of men acting like children and playing fighting games all night once every couple of months when our wives let us).

Then it hit me… No that can’t be right can it ? Well sure enough playing SFV online requires PS+. So basically people who bought the game on PC can play it online without any cost, if you want to buy it on console to be much more portable and “living room tv” kind of thing, you are punished with a subscription. How is that even justifiable ?

I know, it is not much, PS+ is about 4.5 $ a month if you pay for the year. The money is not really the problem here, I spend much more than that every week on useless bullshit. The principle is the problem here, why is the PC version free online and not the console version ? Especially since the game is arguably a “console game”. Fighting games have been a kind of cultural thing where a bunch of guys gather in the living room to play it.

I am just ranting at this point but I feel so cheated for some reason with this whole thing.

Steam doesn’t charge you for their service. Sony does.

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This isn’t really about SFV.