How is it that Chris is in "low tier"?

I just checked the “official tier list” for the game and wow am I surprised…I disagree with most of the list except for the top tier.
but what surprised me the most was that Chris was in the “low tier”.

OK…how is Chris in the lowest tier of the game?
he has one of the biggest HP pools of the game (I believe he stands at 4th or 6th place)
he also inflicts some of the best damage, dat magnum. he has good combo capability, an extensive array of moves useful for every situation, he is great at keeping the enemy at bay (again, dat magnum sending the enemy to the opposite side of the screen, dat prone for dodging a lot of projectile attacks) the flamethrower is major pwnage if the enemy is close, same for the landmine (the nades are pretty useless…take too much time to explode and are easy to dodge) which can be placed mid combo to hit the enemy very hard.
his ranged weapons (shotgun, smg and magnum) all inflict crazy damage ('cept for smg which only inflicts moderate) his combination punch knocks the enemy to the ground plus it can be chained into a devastating combo and his angled shots from the air are great for pwning a confused enemy.
not to mention he possibly has the best damage on block of the whole game.

the only complain i’d have would be with his hypers…but not the attacks themselves…just the layout…
I mean his weakest hyper (the one that uses all of his weapons) is assigned to a dragon punch motion…wth? it only inflicts 275000 damage while the gl one inflicts over 350000 AND it also inflicts much more DOB, plus having a better range and also being able to connect all the hits easily (the combination hyper rarely connects every single attack, because the enemy ground bounces most of the time which makes him “dodge” some parts of the combo) so it ends up inflicting less than 275000

oh and the GL hyper also has that “surprise nade from the sky” part…the enemy will stop blocking when chris stops shooting because he thinks its all over but all of a sudden the final nade falls from the sky, its a great combo.

his lvl 3 hyper IS crap tho…way too slow, gives the enemy way too much time to block plus it leaves chris vulnerable.

but really…how is he in low tier? can someone at least explain it to me?

It would have been really nice if you just posted this in the tier thread where this topic would be already relevant without a new thread.

Plus when did B tier become low tier?

[SIZE=6]Nope I don’t see where Chris is D-tier.[/SIZE]

official UMVC3 tier list on SRK


[SIZE=6]**S Tier = **Zero 9.95 S[/SIZE]

**A+ Tier = *******C. Viper*9.55 A+, ****Dante****190/20 = 9.5 A+, ****Dormammu****189/20 9.45 A+, ****Firebrand****181/20 = 9.1 A+, *****Magneto***177/20 = 8.85 A+, ****Spencer 186/20 = 9.3 A+, ****Strider Hiryu 183/20 = 9.15 A+, ****Vergil 180/20 = 9 A+, **Wesker 180/20 = 9 A+

[SIZE=6]**A Tier = *******Dr. Doom*174/20 = 8.7 A, ****Felicia****166/20 = 8.3 A, ***Hawkeye***156/20 = 7.8 A, ****Morrigan****158/20 = 7.9 A, ****Taskmaster163/20 = 8.15 A, ****Trish 166/20 = 8.3 A, Wolverine 163/20 = 8.15 A,[/SIZE]

**[SIZE=6]B Tier = Akuma 7.35 B , **Amaterasu7.05 B, **Captain America 124/20 = 6.2 B, Chris Redfield 5.8 = B, ****Deadpool 144/20 = 7.2 B, ****Doctor Strange 126/20 = 6.3 B, ****Frank West****133/20 = 6.65 B, ****Jill Valentine****132/20 = 6.6 B, ****M.O.D.O.K.**130/20 = 6.5 B, **Nova150/20 = 7.5 = B, Phoenix 120/20 = 6 B, ****Rocket Raccoon 124/20 = 6.2 B, ****Ryu 122/20 = 6.1 = B, ****Sentinel 120/20 = 6 B, ****Spider-Man144/20 = 7.2 B, ****Storm 141/20 = 7.05 B, ****Super Skrull 128/20 = 6.4 B, ****Thor 122/20 = 6.1 B, ****Viewtiful Joe 132/20 = 6.6 B, ****X-23132/20 = 6.6 B, **[/SIZE]

**C Tier = ****Arthur****C, Chun-Li 84/20 = 4.2 = C, ****Ghost Rider****86/20 = 4.3 C, ****Haggar****110/20 = 5.5 C, *******Hulk*114/20 = 5.7 C, ****Iron Man****102/20 = 5.1 C, ****Nemesis T-Type****5.4 = C, ** **She-Hulk 84/20 = 4.2 C , ****Shuma-Gorath 84/20 = 4.2 C, **Tron Bonne 76/20 = 3.8 C, [SIZE=5]Iron Fist 90/20 = 4.5 C[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]**D Tier = *******Hsien-Ko*60/20 = 3 D, **Phoenix Wright 50/20 = 2.5 D[/SIZE]

S = Lolzero

A+ = Godlike
A = Great
B = Upper mid to lower mid
C = Meh
D = Ugh

B is mid tier. Just act as if the [S]S tier[/S] Zero tier never existed. Lol.

B isn’t low tier. I think Chris is actually a pretty good character. He’s about right under the somewhat dominating but not as dominating characters like Hawkeye Felicia and Morrigan, etc.

just ignore this thread I realized I was looking at a vanilla MVC3 tier list.


Chris is a solid character, he just was weaknesses like most other characters.
Chris does tons of stuff and has awesome HP, he just can’t respond to pressure to save his life. He’s totally not even close to low tier.

Not sure where u heard Chris was low tier…