How is seth the best character in the game?



to me this doesn’t make any type of sense, seth has so many weaknesses the one that comes to mind most is that when he gets hit he crumbles like a lay’s chip in a fat guys mouth and is subpar normals. Characters that can run away from seth dominant him (ex. akuma, sagat, dee jay, fei long) seth has no answer rekkas or most of fei’s pokes. I want to know what you guys think?


He has an uppercut, a divekick, a teleport, and an SPD.


Offensive monster dominating a very defensive oriented game. Go figure.

SF4 sucks.


not to mention long arms.


Everyone thinks it’s because of Poongko, but really, Seth has tools from like half of the cast. This means he is a very versatile character. He also has SPD setup that is ambiguous. :frowning:


i could see him being the best if his uppercut was 3 frames, his divekick was like rufus’ his teleport was akuma’s and his SPD was zangief’s but sadly they are not.

akuma, guy, rufus, cammy, adon, and abel are offensive monsters and then win waaaaay more tournaments then the mighty seth


He has the best tools in the game all put into one character not to mention option selects that literally cover all escapes for a good majority of the cast. His only 3 major weaknesses are walkspeed and health but since he controls space so well with specials basically doesnt need movement and his health is low becaue if it wasnt he wouldnt be beatable.


He has so much moves to mix it up with + projectiles + teleport + long combos that push into corner for extended combos/crazy mixups + good stun

He is momentum beast. If he gets going and gets you in the corner with the toe tap loop and his shenanigans, you will get stunned rather fast. Not to mention despite his slow walkspeed he is a very mobile character (dive kick & walljump).

He is not OP, but I do think he is a top 3 character (along with Viper who is also a momentum beast coincidentally).


if seth gets knocked down the game is over against a decent player against a large majority of the cast


Seth pls

How so? If he has two bars it’s fine, and any good Seth usually does have meter. Let me guess, you play Seth and you feel he is not as strong as people say he is, yeah that’s called ‘‘Main character syndrome’’ a lot of people have that though.


don’t get me wrong i understand that he is a good character just not worthy of the title of the best or even top 3



He has zero match-ups that are a lot in his disadvantage, he has quite a lot of match-ups slightly or quite abit in his favor. His mix-up game when done properly is insane compared to any other character (especially in the corner). Oh and did I mention he stuns a large part of the cast with a couple of regular combos (bnb) + a single mix-up? Not to mention he can keep the mix-ups going after every bnb combo he does as they all lead to knockdown. His divekick is great, and a Seth main may know more on this but I believe if you time the divekick right you can cross-up with it aswell.

I hate it when someone who mains a toptier character downplays their character, just enjoy your goddamn character and fuck everyone else. These type of topics are stupid. Seth isn’t OP so who cares. Yes he is considered the best or top 3 by most in AE2012 so what?


When Seth gets a hard knockdown he can take a large portion of the cast for a ride, not to mention that he can shut down many characters as well. Lots of good matchups.


That would just make him broken, not the best.


he is definitely top 5

not really on topic: also warlike I assume you main gen? mad respect (not meant to be sarcastic)



either you’re clearly trolling or you’ve fought really bad seths online and have came to this weird conclusion that he’s somehow not the best character in the whole cast.

i could tell you why seth is the best, but i’d rather present you this question:

who’s better than seth and why?


He’s not. He has 4-6 matchups against some of the best characters in the game- Cammy, Akuma, and Fei.

He might be the highest tier character if you just aggregate matchup numbers but nobody cares if you have an 8-2 or a 6-4 against Dan.

Sagat can’t run away from Seth because of EX legs/ultra through fireballs.

Seth has the ability to win the entire match from one hit, which means he’s never out as long as he can get in once.

Seth’s zoning is pretty damn weak compared to Dhalsim’s, Boxer’s, or Sagat’s. He has anti-zoning tools that those characters don’t have, however. He’s pretty good at forcing you to play his game and then winning his game.


he would be championship edition guile or 3rd strike chun li (take as a joke)


How does this even matter? Because Seth can be safe-jumped? Oh no, blocking a non-crossup jump attack with a character with a DP, how terrifying. Meanwhile the invincibility on Seth’s DP, something that actually matters, is the highest in the game.

His divekick is great. So what that he can’t do instant air dive kicks? The whole point of instant air dive kick is that it beats throw tech - who the hell is crouch teching against Seth? Meanwhile, Seth’s dive kick is attached to one of the best jumps in the game. Seth’s dive kick basically means you can’t reaction anti-air Seth’s jumps with any reliability.

His teleport isn’t any better or worse than other characters with teleports. It’s the same with every character, they force a potentially risky option-select.

Again, why does this matter? His SPD isn’t even supposed to be used at range, it’s just a thing you do a point-blank range along with the other eleventy things you do at point blank range with Seth.

Guy, Abel, and Rufus are unambiguously weaker characters then Seth. Seth is probably not the best character, but he’s got two things going for him: he’s still extremely strong, and he forces every other character to play to his gameplan. He’s a very, very strong character.


akuma is definitely the best character in the game IMO, great escapes, high damage output, great normals, fucking demon flip, the heart exploding technique, god like option selects