How is SF V PC Version?


Is the online great?
Is there a great community of PC players?
Does the cross play works?

I could buy it for $30 bucks now.


There’s a big community. There are currently 2,000 players on right now as of this writing. The game has crossplay with the PS4 version so there’s not gonna be any shortage of players. The crossplay is seamless. You can tell someone on PS4 if they have the PlayStation icon by their name. You can chose to filter them out in the battle settings.

The quality of the online varies. It’s been great for me on both platforms. I don’t deal with a lot of rollbacks on 4-5 bar connections. This is just me though.


How come you have it on two plataforma?


So I can play with my friends on Steam and PSN.


It has nude mods.


its trash. you gotta jump through hoops just to make a hori stick work on it.


The thing is I have option to buy it now on PC for $30 or buy it on November when I buy the Ps4 Neo.


It works great on my PC which is far from having the best rigs on the market. You don’t really need to care about the size of the community because of cross-play (which can be disabled, but I still get tons of PS4 matches anyway), and even without that SFV is clearly the fighting game with the biggest community on PC right now.
PC version allows for better graphics, mods and free online multiplayer, but if you’re not familiar with PC gaming you might experience some issues.
I think that getting it for 30$ right now is still a good deal assuming your PC is good enough to run it decently.


I’ve got both versions of the game. Both are great, but I prefer the PC version just because it looks better. Like @OceanSalt mentioned, just make sure your PC can run it, otherwise you’ll be in a world of hurt regarding frame rate. It doesn’t take an incredibly powerful machine to get 60 fps on PC.

Haven’t had an issue finding matches on either platform. I got a get mix of PC and PS4 players for opponents. $30 is a great deal.


looks like I got the wrong version :frowning:


At least the current version of the Hori RAP 4 Kai for PS3/PS4/PC works straight out of the box now. No more third party software needed. I got mine three days ago and i had no problems whatsoever.


No issues here. Using a Mad Catz SoulCalibur V 360 stick.
#PCMasterRace born and raised. Love the crossplay support.

Online works fine. Even better now ever since they fixed the match making (and netplay??).
I notice that I can get a rematch consistently now compared to before where 2/5 times the rematch prompt never comes up.

Community of PC players no longer exist since this game supports crossplay.
This just increases the playerbase for both platforms. Primarily PC imo.

Yes. Cross play works wonderful. One of the main reasons why I got this game on PC.
I haven’t had any issues against with PS4 players.

Few things that have annoyed me so far on PC though
[] No benchmark tool - Was useful in SF4 imo.
] Can’t change much graphics setting.
[] Can’t rebind keyboard inputs (if that’s your thing) so best to have a proper controller. I use a MadCatz SoulCal V 360 stick.
] Lack of DInput. Biggest deal break for most players I presume as not everyone is tech savy enough to work with driver wrappers.

Just a few things off the top of my head.


It’s good.
Just do yourself a favour and never visit the steamforums.


I wonder how you can even play games on PC without any knowledge of that. Like 70% of the games on Steam have wacky dinput support and are all made to be used with a xbox 360 controller… if you don’t have it then you must’ve been used x360ce on AT LEAST a few games in your library.
And I talk from experience. I used a 3rd party dinput controller for a year before resigning myself to buying an actual 360 controller and ending all my pain with Unity games.
Plus x360ce isn’t really the hardest thing to use, it requires only to be able to place a file in the right directory, to run it and to press the buttons on your controller.


I am angry. I hace a SF IV arcade stick and it does not work woth my PC, apparently I need a new board to make it work. The only controller I have is Xbox 360. Triying to make the ps3 controller work.


It’s the better version flat out.

Solve Dinput/Hotplugging/P1-P2 switch with this:


Why did capcom crap on the controller!?


Because support and proper coding got sidelined to get the shit out of the door ASAP; same problem as with the rest of the game.


But 2 fans got hotplugging, Dinput and port switching in and it took him about a week of their spare time.


Regarding performance, if you could run USFIV on max settings, this suffices to run SFV on medium settings at least
If you had a dual core CPU more than 5 years old, you’re better off playing on medium.

Regarding GPU, you’re fine with a GTX660 or AMD equivalent and above. With a newer CPU it can run on max settings.

For mods you’re better off playing online to not risk getting VAC banned.
Notice PC version still has issues displaying the net quality of battle lobbies, most of which are PS4.
You have to enter the lobbie to see the correct display.

thanks! Just what I needed for Hori V3-SA PS3 stick to work. Or else I had to use Xpadder