How is that instructional video?

sup guys, i’m brand new to this game, curios how helpful is that instructional video that comes with the LE.

Watch it. Now.

Kinda depends on your general knowledge of 2d fighters but it defiantly doesn’t hurt. The dustloop forums are where most of the info comes from anyways so you’ll want to go there eventually if you’re serious, but it does a good job of helping push you in the right direction. Especially helpful with some of the crazier characters like arakune or litchi. Seeing combo’s actually done can help with timing and spacing or give ideas on how to use moves. Also tends to give you some of the less obvious properties like partial or full invincibility frames and what not. Also i’d say it’s worth it alone for Mike Z’s tager strats which are both helpful and hilarious.

They should have included a combo list or something so I don’t have to keep bouncing from BluRay to BlazBlue. But I guess that’s what the internet is for! I main Arakune so the video helped me a lot.

I do wish the game had a Trial Mode. SF4 did have that going for it. Some basic combos could have been learned. Some kind of challenge mode could have been integrated into the training mode ala Virtua Fighter, etc.

Coming from GG and thinking this game might’ve been similar was eye opening. Combat and combo mechanics are vastly different from GG and especially SF4. The video details what each command normal does and its properties which is pretty mmuch essential. Watching an attack launch and down and enemy and then chain into a combo is much more helpful than reading it online.

It’s actually really well made. Using it along with the info threads helps a ton.

100% recommend this video. A lot better than SFIV’s challenge mode crap.

All these combos are actually useful, while a lot of the stuff in SFIV’s challenge mode had little value in real matches (to this day I have set to see someone do Sagat’s Hard Trial 4 in a real match). It helps that they had the top US players tell you the little things such as what are the best pokes, general character strategy, etc.

Tager’s video is the best. the end.

It’s nice but… blu-ray so I can’t play and watch it at the same time (laptop).

I dunno, some characters like litchi have some pretty wierd combo’s, it would be hard to track accurately in a trial mode.

as for the video, it’s good, definetly worth a watch.

I agree the SF4 trial mode is great fun, but it fails as a learning tool though. The problem is it skips your characters fundamentals and makes you do impractical combos that you would never use.

Somewhere in the middle would be perfect. Basically have the tutorial info in game (with voice over), where the demonstration is shown and you have to complete the task afterward. I’m sure making it this way would require much more effort than either trial mode or the DVD though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very well thought out, I recommend you watch it.

so ditto to what people are saying. it is quite useful.

This. MikeZ’s the man.

Any way for us who didn’t get the special edition to watch this?

Any up’d videos anywhere?

The dvd tuturiol is very useful, well at least to me. Breaks down the basics of the game, and how you should use each character.

Thumbs up! Very helpful vid for someone starting out.

I laughed when I popped it in and saw Chobot.

The only way you wouldn’t have the LE is if you pirated the game or bought the Japanese version. All of the first prints are LE.