How is the lag on Wii?

I know Brawl isnt out yet but does anyone know if the lag is going to be fine?

no. Its been confirmed that the farther away you are from your opponent the slower the game will be.

I’ve played a good amount of Mario Strikers online, and before you have a match it allows you to accept or reject the connection strength. Four stars is like offline, three stars is close, and may have a hiccup here or there, but anything less than that is really not worth playing in my opinion. Especially when you’re trying to block megastrikes and stuff with lag.


Dude chill I was answering his question. I already know that online gameplay has been like that forever!!

dont worry…as long as your opponet is in the US you’ll be straight

Ill be damned if I get my ass handed to me from someone from Japan

As for my European point of view,
i can say i’ve played many times from Germany to Portugal with no lag.
(more than 1200 miles/1900km in a straight line)

As for Mario Strikers Charged, you only get players from your continent. Only way to play inter-continental is to have the direct contact (code) of each other and play a Friendly.

Lag is bad and it sucks. Especially with Madden 08

the lag in brawl is horrible, but in mariokart its fantasticly incredible

Do you realize you just bumped a 3 year old topic?