How is the moddability of the SFxT Fightstick PRO TE for ps3?


Easy to open? Easy to change joystick/buttons? Anything else I should know? Thanks!


Changing buttons and joystick is fine, but you will have to invalidate the warranty to do so.

If you want to do anything else like dual modding it then IMO a TE build is much better - something like a TE Round 2 or Soul Edition.

Oh, and if you weren’t already aware then there is a chance that MadCatz PS3 sticks will not work on PC.


I just bought this same fighstick yesterday, it works fine on PC: playing GGXXR.


It’s dependent on the PC. You got lucky.


Regardless of Xbox 360 or PS3, the manufacturers of these sticks design and built these sticks to work only for the consoles they are intended for.
Some of the newer Hori Xbox 360 sticks are having issues on PC as well.

Only guarantee way to make your stick work on PC is install a PCB that is intended to be used with a PC.