How is the netplay on guilty gear for psn?

Just wondering if the re-release of this game was playable online. <br><br>Compare it to an existing game if you can, SF4, Marvel, etc. <br><br>For what its worth, I’m from Canada, so I’d consider Marvel, 3S0 etc unplayable online. <br><br>I was also wondering if the update to version R is supposed to be free. I’d love to buy it now to get some practice in but if I’m going to be charged right away again for R i’ll wait. 

Comparible to 3SO, IMO…<br>Some say it’s better.<br>BUT, the buffer window in GG is so tiny that it does seem much harder.<br>

Still looking for a decent response on this!

it’s ass and signif worse than 3S. 3S isn’t even that bad, not sure where people got that idea. unless you live near the border and add west/east coast players or other nearby groups to your friends list, it’s probably not worth it. it uses input lag netcode and usually becomes unplayable for me beyond ~600 km. only thing worse i can think of is kofxiii. +R is going to be free.