How is the online community for CS2?

I’m thinking about picking up CS2 and was just wondering how the community for it is? I remember playing Calamity Trigger and had a lot of fun for the first couple of months, then the community just died suddenly. I don’t really want to pick up the game and find out that not a lot of people are playing it. Leaning towards Xbox 360 version btw.


look at the player match and there is a good number of rooms on the xbox 360 version. I think ps3 has more people but i am not sure.

Thanks, I might give it a shot. I have a feeling though that when 3soe comes out though that the amount of people playing might drop.

Xbox Live is still packed. You see the same names now and again, But you will never struggle joining a full lobby.

3soe is a different “demographic” many blazblue players may check it out but most will ignore it or play it on the side.

3soe? Enlighten me.

3rd Strike: Online Edition.

But yeah I just picked CS up. Haven’t played yet though…no stick for 360, only PS3.

3rd Strike was ace, Pissed off they removed parry.

CS2 community seems pretty hopping for me, even though I’m not in a particularly “lively” area, Geographically. :stuck_out_tongue:

3SOE interests me for one reason and one reason only: Youtube integration. I kinda want to buy it just so I can send the message to game companies that that is an awesome feature.

pretty good online so far for me (on 360). i do hope it will remain that way even exceed gets released. on that note, will exceed owners be able to lower the version to play with non exceed owners? this is possible right now right by just changing the system version… but considering exceed will be like another disc…i hope it will still be possible… otherwise, i think the community will just die from a brand split.

No word on this yet. It would be nice if extend were back-datable, but that would sortof undermine their “Oh no, we certainly couldn’t have done this as a DLC update! (Paid or otherwise) It’s a NEW GAME.” position.

I have my concerns about fragmentation too, mostly because I’m currently NOT on the Extend (Extend, not Exceed :stuck_out_tongue: ) bandwagon, but if I end up getting a PS3, I might throw down for it on there. We’ll see.

Releasing Extend on a Disk is Capcom levels of dumb.

I never been online yet, but since tournaments host Blazblue for the PS3, I think that it’s possible for me to see a lot of player lobbies. Like I said before I haven’t played online yet because I’m new to the series so I could be wrong.

We’ve discussed the extend new disc extensively, there’s too much content for it to not be on a new disc, that wouldn’t be able to be patched into CS.

To not get off topic, XBL online is ok, when a new game comes out people disappear for a few days, but the loyalists come back, time to time you might see a new face, but those players are usually in ranked(bad players) match. Just make a lobby, walk away from your xbox, or do something in the mean time, people will join. Also a word of advice if you beat someone and they send you a message 8/10 it’s hate mail.

lol at the ranked bad players match… i think im guilty of that. of course i had to start somewhere…

anyway i recently sold my copy of CS… figured i may not play it anymore when exceed arrives. hopefully it wont be something i regret. for my fix, i play CS2 on the psp

Which would make sense, I suppose if, you know, people cared about things other than Relius and the balance changes.

That with the addition of new online/offline game modes, plus story additions/changes than yeah sure.

Look; If you want the new goofy game modes or the story additions (there are no story “changes” that I am aware of, unless you count them fixing the CT story so you don’t have to lose matches deliberately to see all of it.) then you should buy the disc.

If all you want is Relius and the balance batch, DLC should have been an option.

only had CS2 Since christmas but i cant say i’ve ever had to wait long to get into a match. The community on ps3 seems fairly friendly. The people i’ve messaged so far online are usually happy to help, haven’t had any people being particularly arsey yet.

Although i do put my hand up in saying im probably one of those bad ranked players, however i don’t spam hell’s fang and expect it to hit like others i’ve seen doing.

I haven’t bought any DLC but ill most likely get Extend, BB is an interesting game, somewhat frustrating to get in to (I had a feeling of… whatever attacks I used I was getting countered at the start) But its fun, the combos are flash, good game overall! Plenty of people online on the PS3