How is the street fighter Arcade stick?

I never really played on a arcade stick( no arcades near my area, only played once or twice, cant remember) Is this stick any good and if it isnt whats a better one for about the same amount of money

Well from what’s been said many times here is that the stock parts are crap, BUT the case is great and it’s really easy to mod to swap in Happ or Sanwa parts.

So usually most people buy the SFAC stick to mod.

Why whats wrong with it, why mod it? :confused:

the stock parts just feel bad. highly suggest modding to happ parts.

Is it hard to mod it? And if so whats a better one for around this price?? Is it really that bad?

no don’t listen to that douchbag, the sfas is awsome, the only thing wrong with it is the buttons, they pop out instead of in , but that is nothing, you will find it to have a 0.1% on your game and that is before you get used to it

the stick uses Chinese imitations of Happ parts. if you mod it with actual Happs, then you’ll be good to go.

modding tutorial:

I have a Street Fighter Stick and it is not bad, but when you could get a Hori Real Arcade Stick for $79 + shipping, go with a Hori. Take a look at cause i know that they have them, if anybody knows a site to get them cheaper, let them man know.

The SFAC stick ins’t terrible but it isn’t great either. If you’re a casual gamer the SFAC stick will probably be good enough for you. However, if you want a truly quality product, either mod the SFAC with Happ parts or get a custom stick instead.

What about the SOUL CALIBUR 2 ARCADE STICK is it good, found it for cheap This one

I’ve never used it but it’s horrible by all accounts. Really there are very few stock sticks you can buy that’ll be decent, most Horis are, as is the DC Agetec, but even those are better when modded with higher quality parts.

Whats the best Hori stick because im looking at the HORI Fighting Stick 2 right now, is the HORI Real Arcade Pro Stick much better?

Actually the Fighting Stick 2 is the only Hori stick I’ve really heard bad things about. The HRAP is apparently far better (I have one and I think it’s great), but is of course more expensive.

Well that sucks since the HRAP is on back order…Out of stock : (

Any other good ones?

I just noticed that it the only one that has a Xbox Headset port is the street fighter one, crap…

No, hell no! don’t waste your money with that shit!

The Pelican RAU also has a headset port but just like the SFAC stick you’ll probably want to mod it with Happ parts.

well take this into account, if your going to play on xbox live and you want the head set to work, then go with the SFAC stick, if not, I highly suggest something else.

Also, out of the box, SFAC stick is downright horrible, for many people including myself, it automatically goes down and the buttons just don’t feel right. I modded it with Happ parts (thanks arcadestickmonk) and though it is a lot better, it still feels flat.

heres mine if you want to see it