How is the Tekken Tenth Anniversary Stick?

I was wondering because I saw it at the game store near me for 69.99 with a free tekken 5.

$69.99 is overpriced, Fry’s and has it for about $49.99.

The actual stick is probably the best stick that you can find in retail stores. The stock Hori stick is not as silky smooth as a Sanwa or Seimitsu but it’s still comfortable to play with (if you’re used to square gates). The buttons have a lot more resistance than both Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons. Worth the buy in my opinion if you’re looking for a budget stick or a cheap alternative to a HRAP.

What do you mean by square gate?:wonder:

I want to replace the stick and buttons with similar ones that are in the SF 3s arcade. I was checking some out on this site:
There are so many different 30 mm sanwa buttons…whats the diff? which ones are the most similar to the arcades? and which stick is most similar? thanks for the info rakukojin

putting american parts on the tekken stick is almost impossible as far as my knowledge. only japanesse parts are small enough to be used on it

That was actually my first stick I’ve ever played with. When I started to play with it, I thought this one would be really good, because I didn’t know about other sticks and their differences.

My personal opinion , the stick is way too lose and the buttons feel ass to play. When you’re playing more then half a year with this thing the stick really gets fucked up and it makes you go mad. Besides, the artwork on the panel is losing it’s color pretty fast. The place where I put my hand/wrist is almost completely white.

It’s good for practicing when you’re new to the whole thing, but sooner or later you will see that the quality is not good at all.

Sanwa sticks are really good, there is nothing to complain about them.
But if you ask me, Saulabi is the first choice for Tekken players, just replace the stick with a green Fanta and you’ll never want to play Tekken with another stick anymore.

So its not that great? Is it sturdy and will last for a year or 2?:confused: \

Im still at a lose at what a square gate is…
Im going to mostly be playing 2d games.

instead of buying this stick, you could save up a bit more money and buy an all custom(with your own custom grpahic) Sanwa Stick from dreaded fists, for about 180+, you choose all the parts, im gonna get one from him sometime in a couple months when i save up enough.

The gate refers to the range of motion of the stick. Square gates have 4 defined corners, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right.
Most american happ sticks pretty much feel circular, these are popular in american arcades.
Japanese arcades usually feature sanwa or seimitsu sticks with a square gate, as opposed to a circular one, though you can get circular and octagonal gates for sanwa sticks.

So its the same range of motion as a HRAP and how are the buttons?

p360 > sanwa > everything else

I loved Sanwa until I went to ECC. The P360 was an automatic match made in heaven.

yes, as far as I know. The buttons are similar to sanwa, a decent quality but a bit cheaper feeling. they are fine to play on, as long as they are in good shape. I think the tekken sticks are a very decent deal, if you want to buy tekken along with them.

What do you mean by cheaper feeling?
I sometimes go to chinatown to play in the arcades will I notice a huge difference?

Oh and can I change the artwork on it later on?

everything is possible in a sense that a stick can be worked on almost endlessly. You can continue to modify a stick with even parts that you make, such as risers to make your stick fit bigger sticks fit and so forth; it all depends on how much work if any at all you’re willing to put in. You CAN change the artwork on T5 stick, but it’d be a bitch cuz then you’d have to figure out how to make it stick

Anyone elses opinions about the Tekken Tenth Anniversary stick are greatly welcome.:wonder:

Well, when I say cheaper, I just mean the buttons aren’t so heavy feeling.
Check out Alax.Cool’s Modded T5 stick here:

You may not notice a huge difference, I think the stick is pretty good for using with a playstation 2.

Ill probably just get this one and mod it later down the road, Is it easy to mod?

Oh and will this one last for a couple of years? Is there a tutorial to change the artwork on this thing?

can anyone answer my questions posted above ^^? =/

Great stick…

This was the first stick I got. I got it off for about 50 bucks, if you get it at that price it’s definetly worth it because you can trade Tekken 5 at EB in and get about 10$ credit =)

Anyway, for 3S the stick works great, just takes a little adjusting if you’ve never played one before. One thing I also noticed is that my MK is less springy because I push it so much, and if I push it from the site of the button (the very edge) it comes up kinda slowly. Still a great stick though. The only thing is, if you went to Chinatownfair (the arcade in China Town) you’ll have trouble with the controls (or at least, I did). Why? Chinatownfair has bat-tops and non-working buttons at the 3S cabinets (YOU MUST SLAM THEM!). If you’re playing Tekken 5 there, though, it’ll feel the same.

Really the place I went to in chinatown had the hori style sticks and the buttons were fine.

Well it seems im going to get this one im on a short budget and really dont want to pay 111$ for a hori pro when its really the same thing with better buttons(the sticks the same right?)