How is the tri state going to FRXII?

I figured that we needed a post like this only cause i was suppose to go to Sinsation but i didnt. I was trying to get 4 people to go with me and possable handle some of the driving with me and also contributing to gas but i only got 2 instead of 4. it looks like i was writing it in the wrong thread when it probably should have been here.

So now we are a month away and this is gonna be a real big turnout so i cant miss this. plus, this is the first major after the SF4 release. so who is going and how you guys are getting there?

I am gonna drive down there as long as i can get like 2 drivers to come with me. my car can fit comfortably 5 other heads b/c my car has a 3rd row. i will have 2 big ass duffle bags that will go on the roof so people can put there duffle bags inside them. ill prob be bringing an xbox360 for sf4,and ps2 so games can be played on the way there.unless there saying that they are not going imma save a slot for arturo and sanford. im asking for $60 round trip.

if there is a fob bus that will go there please let me kknow cause if i dont have people to help with this drive ill do that instead. how do you guys know where these busses go anyway? they gotta website?

I may plane or train it. I’m not 100% sure if im going yet though. :coffee: