How Is This Possible



i was watching the tosaka vid and at the end it shows yun beating the crap out of alex and gets a 89 hit super finish. i cant see how that is possible unless he used system directions.

some one please tell me how this was done


its a stun combo you can do whatever its not possible in a real match of course


It’s actually kara cr.jabx26 or something like that.

The second GJ combo is a bunch of kara’s, cr.jabs, and some other stuff here & there.

It’s possible to do a combo LIKE that in a match, but not nearly as big. You just need to watch your spacing so the lunge punch only connects twice.


i see so you must have the right spacing through out the whole combo or u will screw up. i would like to see it used in a real match


pyrolee vs. ibuki12 at SBO2.


get @ me if you want the match


yeah that would be nice email it to me @ if you would be so kind


can you also send it to



oh , i’m also interested… , if possible …


Add me to the list please



i’ll up the vid to yousendit and pm it to everyone tomorrow i totally forgot about it


Neg rep for you, slacker! :smiley:

Thanks True_Tech.....I appreciate it :-)


I’m in too thanks!!


aight its cool just dont forget i havent been online in a while so i wouldnt have know if u did send it. Much thanks in advance


uploading now everyone make sure when you get the link to copy and paste in a new browser i’m taking the http:// out on purpose cause it makes the link last longer for some reason


Send me the link too, or just post it…