How is this whole employement issue in the US right now?

I think i made a thread about this before (a year or 2 ago), i can’t recall… anyway, this is in concerns about the employment rate. I’m thinking of Migrating over there to work (as a Graphic Designer), unfortunately, i’ve been told by every single relative and friend over there that migrating/working in the United States is not a safe idea at the moment due to the current recession. I was told this ever since Bush was in office (or leaving office)… I chatted with my Uncle from Vegas around 5 months ago, and he said the same negative thing. People are still getting kicked even if they where good and long time employees, it’s additionally hard to find a job (especially in Graphics/Digital designing). I was told that i’m better off staying or trying Singapore or Hong Kong instead.

It’s kind of upsetting for me. Ever since high school, i wanted work for Disney, Pixar, or any well known video/animation/tv company and to people living out of the US, earning US Dollars is big motivation.

My question is, is this issue really that serious? I mean, is this only in some States or is getting better now at the least?

It is really bad,but if you really want to try your hand i would advised trying Texas,all the bull political bs aside they are the most stable state at this time and are pushing forward in this time of recession.

Damn, i don’t have any relatives in Texas, but i’ll keep that mind… i hope the cost of living is alright at the least. My relatives are from New Jersey/New York and Vegas. Are there any graphic designers/multimedia artists/animators here who currently work in the US?

It sucks for graphic designers everywhere, and the senior designers working in companies won’t be leaving their positions to open up for anyone new, unless you’re extremely fortunate.

As for self-employment, it’s a lot of hard work/networking and meager profits in the long run. Most people or companies go for the lowest bidder rather than quality these days, for obvious economic reasons.

If you can find work BEFORE you get here, or have a stable backup plan with your family, then go for it. But don’t come over here and THEN search for a GD job. If it was another line of work I’d say yeah sure come on over, but jobs in that field are becoming consolidated into fewer and fewer positions compared to what was available in the past.

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How is the market for web graphic design as opposed to traditional graphic design?

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What’s the cause of all this? Not “the economy’s bad, that’s why”, but the reason people are laying off left and right and not hiring. WHY is the economy bad? Bad/ignorant business policies being legislated by people who don’t understand how the world works outside of intellectual think tanks and college campuses? Are employers afraid of “affordable” health care and trimming down so they don’t have to be a part of it (I’m told that it is quite bad and super-expensive for business owners)? is it Nafta/Gatt coming back to bite us in the ass? What’s going on?

Look for a job, and THEN move. Getting a job in this market is heavily reliant on networking skills.

I heard Singapore and Hong Kong are very good areas for People in the Multimedia Designing industry. I have a friend who did freelance for a bunch of people in Singapore and she was hired. She makes huge cash. Does anyone know how long this situation in US will last, because working in Pixar or something like that is a goal of mine.

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Graphic design is really tough. I’ve been a designer for 7 years but since 2008 it is much more competitive. Big cities are probably a safe bet.