How is Urien doing?

I haven’t seen too much in the way of Urien lately. Are people using him less these days (or perhaps he was never used very frequently)? There was only one player in Texas Showdown finals that used him. I didnt find his game all that impressive. What about in Japan? How did the Urien players do in SBO3?

Hes fine, thank you.
But seriously, I see a lot of people using him nowadays, at least around here.
No Urien was in the finals of SBO. I know of a few that participated, but Im not sure how far they got, I just know they were eliminated.
But yeah I see lots of people using him nowadays, a few even doing it correctly lol. I suck with Urien, but hes fun to play just the same.

check out the earlier ksk’s gamevision vids, RX won a big tournament that looked like was seeded by previous tournament results.

I’m pretty sure his focus was on staying in the finals, not impressing you. Don’t take this the wrong way, but with you making threads like this —>…
I think it’s a little too early for you to be making decisions on impressive game and what not.

Seriously. At that point in the tourny, impressing people is far from your mind.

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From the way you post, I’m quite certain that you have never thought or said that someone like Bob Jones on the L.A. Clippers stinks or the last place team in a league isnt very good. And I may be mistaken, but I dont think you are an NBA or Premier League or NFL or NHL caliber player.

It’s all relative and depends on the scope of what you’re looking at. I didnt even say that the Urien player sucked or was shit or anything, I was simply looking at all the top finishers in that tournament. I am sure that he is an impressive player, but in comparison to the other finalists, not that impressive IMO. Maybe I made a mistake and lacked tact and for that I’m sorry. But in general, when thinking about what I said in that regard, you don’t have to be the most technical or analytical player.

Seriously though, if you know the answer to my question in the other thread you pointed out, please tell me what you think. I’ll be the first to admit I dont know something, especially something technical in the game, and I dont know the answer to it. If you know better, tell me so :slight_smile:

Sorry, I hope it didn’t come off as a “STFU NOOB” post or anything. That’s not what I was saying. I should have went into more detail. But it appeared as if you were saying “meh, he didn’t show ME anything” I’m pretty sure I just read too deep in between the lines. But I felt like maybe you were expecting Urien players to bee all “gunz a’blaz’n” unblockable city at high level play to be impressive. With that post about red parrying, I was pretty sure you were unaware of the mechanics of Urien at higher level play. Red parrying isn’t related to it, but there is a good chance that somebody who doesn’t know about red parrying mechanics, doesn’t really know about the “behind the scenes” mechanics that said Urien player is using. Especially when they start to incorporate charge partitioning and what not. Sorry if it came off otherwise.

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Man, Jive. You’re really nice. I’d have busted this fool up. This reminds me of one of Seth’s articles “you can lead a scrub to water, but you can’t make em think”

(kindly located in the Dominated 101 section)

Basically, this guy would be like… “Man… all that chun is doing is back fierce, throw, and low forward-> super… I don’t see why these scrubs can’t beat it”


LOL, yeah, sure.

LMAO :clap:

Hm. So let me get this straight.

Jive thinks I made an attack on the concept of someone being impressive or not and brings up my other post about parrying Chun SAII. Perhaps he took an offensive approach because he thought I was making a personal attack towards that certain Urien player. I was not. I know which player was in TS5 final’s playing Urien (the player himself is quite talented). I chose not to name him with the intention of removing anything personal from the arena and to simply concentrate on the characters in the game.

Regardless, whatever each one of us were thinking, we got it straightened out–apologized to each other for the miscommunication. It’s all cool.

Then, out of nowhere you come to dish out some inter-threats and bring about hasty conclusions based on something that you yourself either dont understand or are too foolish to comprehend that its perhaps not so cut clear. Regarding Chun’s SAII, I quote from that thread from someone else: “That super is… weird, to say the least. I’ve seen a few odd situations involving it that I don’t really understand.”

Either way, your overt aggression in this exchange where two people already cleared something up in a non-personal situation makes you look, frankly, like a fucking retard.

:rofl: I love the way you had so much class through out the whole ordeal, and then ended it with that line.

I really didn’t see that coming. I laughed. :tup:

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