How is your training routine setup and how many hours a day do you put into it?


I hope this thread can give aspiring players a view of how top competitive level is achieved. Myself, I pretty clueless of how to setup a routine. Working 10 hours a day, gym and grabbing dinner, I have trouble setting up some hours to train. However, I know that people that work that much are getting some training done. I do not think the japanese players play all day and do not work at all (or maybe they have lame jobs?). How do you you guys setup your training routine and how many hours a day you put into it?


Read this

Shoryuken - Don’t train hard. TRAIN SMART!!!


thanks man!


I would assume the top gamers are smart and play a lot.


doesnt tokido play like 10 hours a day.
Crazy shiet. I get bored after a max of like 2 or 3


Nah that was back when he was in high school, it was something like 3 hours at home and 7 hours at the arcade.


that is actually pretty helpful. all about efficiency.