How likely is a fightstick to break/malfunction?

this is referring to madcatz SF4 TE sticks. ive been letting my lil neice play with it time to time just to mess around with it and im planning on doing alot of carrying with it @ EVO in my backpack.

Let your niece have fun with it. Anything that wears out can easily be replaced on a TE.

The TEs’ are made with arcade grade parts so as long your niece doesn’t decide to play catch with it I think you’ll be fine.

coool. replaced from buying the part(s) and fixing it myself or does these problems are required to be bring to the shop, and if so, where?

The TE is a very solid piece of equipment.

you can easily fix yourself. it’s mod friendly, so with some basic tutorials you’ll be fine.

the parts can be ordered from several of the online vendors that advertise here (such as lizardlick amusement). replacing parts is just a matter of undoing some screws, pulling some wires off, and dropping new stuff in and reattach wires.

to be honest, if something goes wrong within the first 90 days, you should be covered by warranty.

These are genuine arcade parts. Imagine the kind of abuse they see in actual arcades where dozens and dozens of people play on them. The electronics of the stick will likely go before there’s any mechanical failure.