How likely is it that there'll be online play for TvC?


I played TvC a ton at Evo, and loved it to the point that I’m probably gonna buy a Wii just for this. That being said, I read that theres no online, and they’re ‘working’ on it. Given the limitations of the wii, how likely is it that there’ll be something that works? There aren’t many people to play in person around here :frowning:

I’ll probably do it anyways, but its easier to justify spending ~300$ for one game if its more than just playing vs the computer :wink:


there’s nothing stopping the wii from having games with online

now…whether or not it’s DECENT is another question. Look at Brawl, it’s horrible online (well, it’s horrible offline too, but that’s not the point) Look at Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaiichi 3. worst online ever.

how good the online is is a matter of how much effort Capcom and Nintendo put into it

and there aren’t many people here because it’s still an import

I bet like 95% of the people here in this particular forum have Homebrew on their wii and imported or pirated their Tatsu vs Capcom


Maybe I did, Maybe I didn’t, I don’t know I’ll go find out.


Well, people seem pretty damn interested in the changes, they wouldn’t really care if they were just gonna keep playing the import version. Thats a good corollary tho’.

I guess what you’re trying to say is ‘don’t bet on a community, decide if you wanna play the game only with your friends.’


The recent Siliconera interview with the producer noted they’re working on polishing the online play. Eighting’s also working on another online-enabled Wii fighter (Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3) and they rolled some components of that game’s online into TvC’s online. Here’s hoping it turns out damn good (or at least an improvement over SCIV and KOFXII).


mmhh… I really hoped for GGPO since its really smooth for SF2HD remix… Let’s see if capcom can pull of a BazBlue Online component…


on that note, the Japanese seem to hate GGPO; so wierd


Allegedly, it’s because it was developed by an American, and they’d rather use crap code developed by themselves than use a better solution from an outsider.


2DF has way less connection probs, n it’s less liekly to get lag with ppl in ur own country. I still GGPO sumtimes but since i got on 2DF, i play on it much more.

anyways yeah, i heard the same neo said bout the naruto online but they’re gon have to do more stuff ontop of just imitating their online system.


i guess it’s just a location setup but still I’m dyin to see a lot more japanese developers use GGPO.