How Limited is the Marvel vs Capcom arcade stick?

I recently got a Marvel vs Capcom arcade stick but I haven’t opened it.

I was wondering what you guys thought about keeping it in it’s box with the hopes that it might be worth something some day.

Using it isn’t the issue because I have a few other sticks lying around, but the tournament edition is probably the best overall.

Should I just open it up or keep it boxed for a rainy day?

Well if you don’t need it, like you said, just keep it boxed for a rainy day. You’ll probably never get big dollars for it since its just a sanwa stick, and you can buy custom ones…but you may e able to make some kind of profit eventually.

remember when the first round te sticks were supposed to be limited last year? but it is a gamestop exclusive so it is limited.

it might make sense or not.