How Long can you last b4 your mind is blown/destroyed/melted/fried/dustlooped?

yeah…I got to 5:41…


Mind = blown.

Watched and listened to the whole 11 minutes. Wasn’t even phased. I’ve watched stupider/more annoying videos before.

Guess I’m that chock full of awesomesauce. :rofl: But I want 8:28-8:37 to be my avatar, lol.

What is that music? I want it.

Before I knew it, it ended. O_O

lol, that had me laughing the whole time.

…it’s also made me crave pickled plums.

My eyes, they burn!

Nico Nico Douga’s nanairo medley aka seven colors of nico nico douga.


Didn’t these things have their own thread already a while back?

I didn’t know if they did or didn’t…and I wasn’t about to go searching through all of SRK to see

Well here’s one, originally I guess they just went up in the FG comedy thread though.

annoyed within the first 3 minutes.

I got to 1:46, and then I was in tears from laughter.

[media=youtube]CbozpJaHAhA[/media] This got to me faster than that…

Lol @ his attempt to sound like Ken.

lalalalala shoryuken!

You think thats bad? I have seen much worse.

Exactly, I wasn’t even mildly phased until it got to the super gay anime shit, and then I was just like… “Huh. This shit sucks.”

Wasn’t funny the first time.

How people find this NicoNico bullshit to be funny is beyond me.


I think I may have had a couple of seizures.

I think the video was laced with drugs. I feel really high now.

I didn’t know that Daigo got hit by a bus. Or that’s what I think I heard.

This is so stupid, lol. I didn’t even bother to watch the whole thing.

But what I do know is that the background song in the beginning (it mashes into other songs later on) is like some sort of DDR remix of “Heavenly Star” by ??? (Genki Rockets).