How long did it take for you? (lizardlick)

Hey guys,

I just ordered sanwa parts from and the shipment info said that they don’t have information on how long low priority mail takes.

How long did it take for you guys to get your stuff? (I’m from the Netherlands)

Well, I ordered from them when they had a serious back log of orders and it took 3 weeks for my multi cthulhu board to get here and I’m in the US.

I just put another order in for a bat top and a few little peices, it says 1 week for orders to ship, but i imagine your specific order should take a week or so once shipped.

When I ordered, it took 3 weeks to process plus a week and a half to ship to Canada

I got mine within 4 days of ordering, and I’m on the opposite US coast from them. This was just last week. I’m not sure how fast international shipping is from the US to the Netherlands, but the folks over at lizardlick seem to be pretty quick at getting their stuff into the mail system at the moment.

I ordered before the SF rush and got it in about 5 days. But I think they’re no longer back logged anyway so it should be quick.

I also ordered before the SF4 rush and it took about a week. Keep in mind I’m half way accross the world in UK so it was rediculously fast considering

Two weeks ago I ordered my parts on a Saturday and got my parts the following Thursday. That’s pretty damn fast! All their back orders are filled so I think now is a good time to order!

a month plus… it was a surprise when i got it… literally.

It took like 2 days for me.

The first time I ordered from Lizardlick back in Christmas of 2008, it took less than two weeks for everything to arrive.

The second time around (Back in July or August) it took almost a month, but that was when the shipping started slowing down for them. They have updates on their website regarding back-orders and things that are delaying them, and I knew full well that I’d have to wait awhile before my parts arrived, but the store has amazing customer service whenever I e-mailed them with questions, and they haven’t disappointed me once, so I stuck with them.

I ordered from them several times before the SF4 rush. I usually got parts in less than four days, once in only two. I lived just a few states away though, so shipping was really fast.

I ordered stuff last Tuesday and got it by Saturday. As long as you don’t order back logged items it should probably take a week or so.

2 or 3 weeks

Took me a few weeks, but Chad said they were pretty swamped with orders. I ended up getting the wrong parts, so I called him, told him what was going on. Really polite about everything. He apologized, and we each mailed out the parts, and I got the new ones 2 days later.

i ordered my buttons on a friday got them on monday so the wait is not as long like ppl make it seem

Yeah at this point, if you’re going to post about it being longer than the normal priority mail time, you probably should qualify your post with a location or maybe how long ago you actually did this order. Me posting it took like several months would be pretty disingenuous if I didn’t state that that was the wait time when i ordered on like march 11 of this year (it took two days for my most recent order)

Took about two weeks to ship to Texas, I forgot all about it until I got the package.

I ordered some stuff from LL on Monday and got the shipping notice on tuesday. I’m guessing it will be here later on today or tomorow. I will post an update in this thread when it arrives.


Really this didn’t need a thread…I mean you can’t miss the shipping estimates on the site.

I ordered at like 4am, and got a shipping notice by 9am today.

Sooo… 5 hrs processing?!